Shape up your body and mind with our spring activities

Two ways you may not have thought of to pursue inner balance and wellbeing

Brighter days and warmer air filled with the scent of cherry blossom are unmistakable signs that spring is on our doorstep. It’s a time when we long for new energy and rejuvenation after the winter blues. And naturally we want to kick-start a new routine to look after ourselves and get back into shape.

We all know the basics: drink plenty of water, eat healthy and exercise. Although, in Trentino, you can find other two ways to regain inner balance and wellbeing. One is to carve out some time for yourself: take a walk around the lake and let the calm crystalline water wash away your thoughts. The other is to have a digital detox: switch off your phone, step out into nature and reconnect with yourself.

It sounds all easy but to make things even easier we picked four activities to help you to get fit and balanced on Trentino’s lakes.


Cycling around Lake Garda

Riding a bike has undoubtedly many benefits, one that may get overlooked, is the feeling of mindfulness: your thoughts sync with the pedalling, your focus is only on your breathing, the fresh breeze and the beautiful views. Cycling around Lake Garda is a great way to combine physical activity and inner harmony.


Beewellness on Altopiano di Piné

Have you heard the buzz? The humming sound of buzzing bees has relaxing powers and the aroma of honey and beeswax does wonders for our body and mind. On Altopiano di Piné, near Lago delle Piazze, you can discover all the secrets of this wondrous product of nature.


Choose your perfect wellbeing experience

Detox plans, pampering treatments and spa days are the perfect complement to your spring fitness plan. In Trentino, you can find many packages and offers to help you spring back into shape. Discover them all here.

Published on 16/10/2019