Fishing in Trentino

Unique landscapes, short distances and tailored services: welcome to Trentino!

Anglers can choose from a range of destinations, but those who come to Trentino once, always come back. According to recreational anglers, there are three main reasons for returning to Trentino every year:

First of all there are the natural surroundings that form unique settings for the best fishing spots: from the rapid waters of the Chiese and Avisio rivers which descend through canyons carved from the mountainsides, to the waters of the Sarca and Noce rivers which hosted the 38th annual World Fly Fishing Championship.

Then there are the distances: the territory of Trentino, with its rivers, creeks, mountain lakes and waterfalls, offers anglers a wide range of aquatic environments to choose from and all within short distances. This allows you to move around easily in search of the best fishing location for you.

The third reason has to do with services: fishing lodges for anglers to stay in, the ability to purchase fishing permits from home, the Trentino Fishing Guides — expert anglers to accompany you to the best fishing spots and share all their knowledge with you — and special permits that allow you to fish in different zones.

Want some examples?

Garda Dolomiti Superfishing is a single permit which allows no-kill fishing in different areas of south-western Trentino, from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites; while the Gold Fishing Pass is a permit for three consecutive days of no-kill fishing in the Alto Sarca and Alto Chiese zones, at the foot of the Adamello and the Brenta Dolomites.

You can purchase the passes and the permits for Trentino’s fishing areas via our app, Trentino Fishing.