10 things to do at Lake Tovel

Exploring the jewel of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park

Lake Tovel, in Val di Non, is one of the most iconic places in Trentino. For sure for the clarity of its waters and the view of the Brenta Dolomites, but also for its history, full of fairy tales and legends.

Even today, Lake Tovel is remembered by many for its unique reddening. Until the mid-1960s, in the summer, the Tovellia sanguinea algae used to surface to the top, turning the entire body of water bright red. The legend of Princess Tresenga was born to explain this extraordinary phenomenon.

Today Lake Tovel is one of the naturalistic jewels of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Particularly rich from a botanical and fauna point of view, it is worth taking the time to visit and to go around the lake. It is important to know that the access road is normally closed in the winter period (November - March).

Below we suggest what to do near Lake Tovel in 10 points


Go around Lake Tovel

The walk is flat and suitable for everyone, but it is useful to know that there is a small stretch with some steps on the rock and a metal cord to make the walk more comfortable. For a pleasant break, you will find the Mountain Chalet Tovel hotel restaurant and bar and the Lago Rosso hotel restaurant on the lake shores.


Visit the Red Lake Park House

Set up in partnership with the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences and located on the lake shore, the “red lake” Park House is the visitor centre dedicated to the lake itself and to the extraordinary phenomenon of reddening that set it apart until 1964.


Trekking from Lake Tovel to Malga Flavona

Medium-difficulty itinerary that goes through some of the most spectacular places in the Brenta Dolomites: the spectacular Val Flavona with its alpine farmstead, the green pastures dotted in some places with prehistoric fossils and the majestic Turrion Basso, with its original shape.


Discover the Adamello Brenta Natural Park

The Park is the largest protected area in Trentino, and has been recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark, thanks to its rare geological and morphological heritage of great scientific interest.


Walk along the famous Lez di San Romedio

It is an easy itinerary carved into the rock that follows a nineteenth-century irrigation canal. Without presenting particular difficulties, it will transport you to a truly suggestive place, the Sanctuary of San Romedio!


Kayaking on Rio Novella

The excursion is suitable for everyone and, after a few simple instructions provided by the instructors and a very short practical lesson on paddling, we reach the primitive world of the canyon formed by Rio Novella as it runs towards the waters of Lake Santa Giustina.


Cross the “scree” in Val di Tovel

The easy trail starts from the lake and runs through an initial stretch in the fir and pine wood to then come out into the open on the Glare scree, born from a large landslide that detached from the walls above. Do not miss the small ephemeral lakes in the spring-summer!


Try the famous Potato Tortel

There is practically only one ingredient: white potatoes from Val di Non. They should be eaten hot, accompanied by cold cuts, Alpine cheese, cabbage salad, borlotti beans and grilled carne salada. The last tortel, on the other hand, should be served as a dessert with a good spoonful of cranberry jam!


Visit Castel Valer

Castel Valer stands on a splendid panoramic location not far from the town of Tassullo, and is completely surrounded by apple orchards. It is easily recognised by its imposing octagonal tower, the highest in Trentino!


Discover the legend of Princess Tresenga

Did you know that, until 1964, the waters of Lake Tovel turned red like ripe strawberries? The inhabitants of Val di Non know a story from many centuries ago, when in Trentino there were still kings, brave knights and warrior princesses…

Published on 05/09/2023