Casa del Parco - Lago rosso

The Visitor Information Centre in the Casa del Parco is dedicated to the red waters of Lake Tovel

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Casa del Parco - Lago rosso
Lago di Tovel

Established in partnership with the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences, the Visitor Information Centre of the Casa del Parco Lago Rosso is dedicated to the lake and its extraordinary reddening waters, which have been its most popular feature till 1964. Located on the banks of the river and surrounded by a fir-forest, it provides visitors with a discovery area, teaching spaces and an area especially devoted to educational activities and scientific research.
Lake Tovel is one of the natural treasures of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Reserve and is the largest natural lake of the Trentino region. Its stunningly clear blue and green waters are rich in wildlife. Although the lake waters stopped turning red in 1964 - the phenomenon was caused by the proliferation of a unicellular algae - visitors can still experience such a miracle today through the panels and illustrations provided.