By kayak, amid water and rocks

A fantastic journey deep within the gorges and canyons of the Val di Non

An adventure amid gorges and canyons, floating on an immense stretch of water surrounded by lush greenery. Progressing using your own arm strength to pull your paddle, you gradually make your way into a break in the rocks. You’re guided by curiosity and the thrill of discovery.

This is the experience that awaits you while kayaking on Lake Santa Giustina in the Val di Non. The lake was formed in 1951 when the dam of the same name was built – at the time, Europe’s highest, standing at 152 metres. It sits in a valley carved out by successive eras and atmospheric events that have hewn deep gorges and canyons.

Kayak Lago di Santa Giustina | © App Mio Trentino

An adventure for everyone 

This landscape, entirely shaped by water, extends from the placid waters of Lake Santa Giustina to very narrow canyons that can only be reached by water with small boats such as canoes and kayaks.

The kayak experience is suitable for everyone, including children aged 5 and over. The waters are always calm, and the two, three or even four-seater boats are safe, and life jackets and helmets are provided. Your adventure begins with a preparatory phase, where your instructors – who remain with you throughout – demonstrate correct paddling techniques and provide the necessary safety instructions. A little arm strength is required, but your two-and-a-half-hour excursion includes plenty of breaks for taking memorable snaps and enjoying dips in the water.


Like Indiana Jones

The starting point is on one of Lake Santa Giustina’s shores. The first part of the trip is more relaxing: the landscape is open, and all around are fruit trees, villages and views of the majestic, imposing Cles Castle. Ahead, your adventure has only just begun. Suddenly, everything changes. Now you’re floating between rocks and gorges to finally reach the most famous canyon, carved by the Novella Stream, which is 50 metres deep and 3 km long. A near-primordial world opens up before you, made only of rocks and water. To many, it’ll suddenly feel as if you’re starring in one of Indiana Jones’s famous films!

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Published on 13/06/2023