10 things to do on Lake Ledro

From beaches to peaks, an open-air gym

Lake Ledro is located 15 km from Riva del Garda and 60 km from Trento. It is one of Trentino’s cleanest lakes: its placid and fresh waters are perfect for a swim, a canoe or kayak ride, or for wakeboarding, an unusual sport that we recommend you try.

As soon as you move away from the lake shores, the Valle di Ledro nature continues to give so much. Woods, streams and peaks which, like the lake, are open-air gyms for walking, trekking and cycling.

It’s nice to play sports, but so is sitting around the table and eating well. As a Valle di Ledro specialty, you will find potato polenta and unexpected Bohemian gnocchi. Indeed, during the First World War, the valley population was evacuated to Bohemia and Moravia, where the Trentino women learned to cook some Bohemian dishes, which then became part of the culinary tradition of Valle di Ledro.

For other interesting facts and to find out what to do if you are on Lake Ledro, you can read the 10 points we have grouped below!

Alto Garda - Valle di Ledro - Lago di Ledro - Sup | © Daniele Molineris

Experience Lake Ledro

Lake boasts four beaches, all public and different from one another. Its calm waters are perfect for canoes and pedal boats by which to land on secluded beaches, reachable only by water or on foot. For your 4-legged friend, there is also a Pet Friendly beach.

Give a try to wakeboarding

Give a try to wakeboarding

In the placid Pur bay, you can try a thrilling fusion of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing: it’s wakeboarding. A fun and adrenaline-pumping experience suitable for everyone. After 10 minutes, you may already be able to surf the water.

Visit Stilt Houses on Lake Ledro

Visit Stilt Houses on Lake Ledro

On the shores of Lake Ledro you will find a village dating back 4000 years, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot. It is the Pile-dwelling Museum in Ledro, the most important pile-dwelling site in all of Europe. The village was rebuilt with huts on stilts, furnished with objects and artefacts from the Bronze Age. 

Walk among the works of the Ledro Land Art itinerary

Walk among the works of the Ledro Land Art itinerary

A temple of land art, where here the landscape becomes the guardian of the works. Ledro Land Art is inhabited by trees in love, stone cows, giant violins, woods of swings and hands protruding from the earth. An ever-evolving realm of fantasy.

Lake Ledro trekking

Walk along the Ledro Trek trail

Two loop trails, one on the valley floor and the other halfway up the coast, which embrace Lake Ledro and offer breathtaking views of the Ledro Alps. Both itineraries are viable almost all year round. At the link below we show you the Ledro Trek Low, a 19 km trek to complete in a day.

Reach the Gorg d’Abiss

Reach the Gorg d’Abiss

The Gorg d’Abiss waterfall emerges unexpectedly from the rocks at the end of a deep canyon formed over the centuries by the Massangla stream. The walk lasts about 20 minutes, traversing the forest and several waterfalls.

Short walks in Trentino

Reach the Madonnina di Besta

The hill where the Madonnina di Besta is located can be reached on foot starting from behind the Pile-dwelling Museum in Molina di Ledro. From up there, you can admire the panorama over Lake Ledro, with the statue of the Madonnina in the foreground. 

RR Alpi Ledrensi - Anna Sustersic - Malga Grassi | © RR Alpi Ledrensi - Anna Sustersic -Malga Grassi

Discover the Ledro and Judicaria Alps

A treasure chest of biodiversity extends between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites which, in 2015, the United Nations Commission declared a “Biosphere Reserve”. A succession of Alpine meadows, woods, prairies and heaths that alternate with traditional crops.

Valle di Ledro - Pur - Mountain bike - MTB - Cicloturismo | © Fabio Staropoli

Go around the 3 lakes by MTB

Three lakes for a MTB ride that takes you from Lake Garda to Lake Ampola, passing through Lake Ledro. In about 25 km of route you will see the landscape change and pass through more points of interest, such as the fortifications of Ponale, the Pile-dwelling Museum, the Ledro Land Art itinerary and the biotope of Lake Ampola.

Valle di Ledro - Bezzecca - Museo Garibaldino e della Grande Guerra - Interni | © Fabio Staropoli

Visit the Garibaldi Museum in Bezzecca

Place of the historic and painful “I obey”, the Museum will amaze you with its collection of memorabilia and testimonies, across a journey that spans two centuries. Organised on two levels, it houses the Risorgimento section on the ground floor and the one dedicated to the two World Wars on the first floor.

Published on 05/09/2023