Spring in the Trentino Huts

Where to start the high-altitude hiking season in the best possible way

In Trentino, spring welcomes the warm season. Usher of summer, spring does not yet have its colours, but prepares to welcome them. Snow still lingers in the hollows, but melts quickly in the sun. The blue sky and the milder temperatures invite to put boots on, prepare backpacks, climb, and walk along hiking trails.

If, while you are walking in the mountains, at times, your thoughts turn to the inviting refreshments offered in the huts, you will be pleased to know that several huts in Trentino open their doors before the official start of the summer season.

Mountain Huts Open in Spring in Trentino

The high-altitude season traditionally begins on 20 June, but if the weather is good (because it is often the weather that sets the pace in the mountain) many shelters open early, welcoming guests in spring.

Therefore, you will find a few huts open during your early spring excursions. Polenta to dip in the stew sauce, or to pair to melted cheese, canederli (boiled dumplings), strangolapreti (spinach gnocchi and stale bread), apple pie, and strudel (excellent if served hot with a dollop of whipped cream). The menu is still long, the rest will be told directly by your hut hosts, who are ready to welcome you. To the dinner table, or perhaps by preparing a bed for the night, if you decide to extend your excursion and sleep up there, at high altitude.

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Huts open in spring

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Published on 06/06/2023