5 important tips for trekking adventures

How to experience the mountains following the advice of those who love and know them

Caution! A word that the women and men who live and work in the mountains and for the mountains take to heart. It encapsulates all the love for and knowledge of an environment that needs to be approached and discovered cautiously and consciously.

Hence, the S.A.T. (Trentino Mountaineers Society) Mountain Hut Association, the Alpine Rescue and the Trentino Alpine Guides jointly created the ‘Caution in the mountains’ project, which on 12 June concretised in an opening day dedicated to caution, with training sessions conducted in a variety of mountain huts in Trentino.

They have also created practical handbooks to read and learn in no time: 5 tips for trekking, via ferratas, climbing and high altitude activities.

The following 5 tips are aimed at those who decide to go for a trek.

Caution in the mountains: advice for trekking adventures

1.  Choose a path suitable for your and your companions’ preparation

Take into account the length, height variance, any technical difficulties, also taking into account the preparation of the other hikers.


2.  Before leaving, prepare your itinerary well

Take note of the correct trails to take near crossroads, and any refreshment points along the way, where you can stop for a break. If you can, download the track to consult it even offline.


3.  Choose equipment and gear suitable for your destination

If you go trekking, you must have technical boots, poles, backpack with water bottle, rain jacket, food, a headlight battery, any spare parts and a first-aid kit.


4.  Rely on a mountain professional

Alpine guides, mountain hut managers or mid-mountain guides are excellent sources for obtaining useful information on the environmental conditions of mountain routes. Don’t hesitate to rely on them if you have any doubts.


5. Don’t hesitate to go back on your steps

If tiredness arises, if you have doubts about the route or if the weather turns bad, it is better to go back along the trail you already completed rather than risk continuing.

Caution in the mountains: advice for trekking adventures
Published on 09/06/2023