5 important tips for excursions on via ferratas

How to experience the mountains following the advice of those who love and know them

Caution! A word that the women and men who live and work in the mountains and for the mountains take to heart. It encapsulates all the love for and knowledge of an environment that needs to be approached and discovered cautiously and consciously.

Hence, the S.A.T. (Trentino Mountaineers Society) Mountain Hut Association, the Alpine Rescue and the Trentino Alpine Guides jointly created the ‘Caution in the mountains’ project, which on 12 June concretised in an opening day dedicated to caution, with training sessions conducted in a variety of mountain huts in Trentino.

They have also created practical handbooks to read and learn in no time: 5 tips for trekking, via ferratas, climbing and high altitude activities.

The following 5 tips are addressed to those who want to make an excursion on a via ferrata.

Passo Sella - Torri del Sella - Ferrata con guida alpina | © Paolo Cipriani

1.  Before leaving, make sure the weather is stable

Consult the weather reports, especially the local ones, that give more specific information. Make sure there are no thunderstorms on the horizon.


2. Always use the approved via ferrata kit

It consists of a tear-off shock absorber with a system of seams that, in the event of a fall, break and absorb energy, and of two sturdy snap hooks, to be used in pairs during the ascent.


3.  Always carry the technical equipment with you

The equipment must include: helmet, low climbing harness and shoes with grip and climbing zone.


4.  Put a piece of rope and snap hooks in your backpack...

…if you bring other people with you.


5. Always remember: use your head and legs, before your arms…

… because the arms get tired quickly, while the legs have stronger muscles and can help you better in your endeavour.


Caution in the mountains: advice for via ferrata excursions
Published on 09/06/2023