5 important tips for those who want to go up to high altitudes

How to experience the mountains following the advice of those who love and know them

Caution! A word that the women and men who live and work in the mountains and for the mountains take to heart. It encapsulates all the love for and knowledge of an environment that needs to be approached and discovered cautiously and consciously.

Hence, the S.A.T. (Trentino Mountaineers Society) Mountain Hut Association, the Alpine Rescue and the Trentino Alpine Guides jointly created the ‘Caution in the mountains’ project.

They have also created practical handbooks to read and learn in no time: 5 tips for trekking, via ferratas, climbing and high altitude activities.

The following 5 tips are addressed to those who want to go up to high altitudes.

Caution in the mountains: advice for those going high in the mountains

1. High mountain terrain must be approached with utmost attention

It is a special and uniquely spectacular environment, which, nevertheless, presents dangers. Always think that up there you are a guest and that, before starting your trek, you must be aware of times and seasons of the mountains.


2. Bring the right equipment with you, but not only...

In addition to putting suitable clothing and equipment in your backpack, remember to bring with you attention, experience and the right dose of fear that can help you in case of unexpected events.


3. Accurately calculate the hours of daylight

You should set off early in the morning and complete your hike in the early afternoon.


4. Use a rope

Use a rope to avoid risky slips on snowfields and glaciers; the rope is your parachute, together with your personal equipment including harness, helmet, ice ax and crampons, and make sure you know how to use them properly, should you need to.


5. Share your destination with the mountain hut manager

Before leaving, inform the hut manager of your intended destination and, in case of fog or bad weather, go back on your steps. If you have any doubts or if you are not technically prepared, entrust yourself to an Alpine Guide without hesitation.

Caution in the mountains: advice for those going high in the mountains
Published on 11/06/2024