15 things to do in the summer

From concerts in the mountains to walks: discover the best experiences

SUMMER 2024 - What makes a summer's day truly beautiful? The sun and the blue sky bring warmth, wellbeing and harmony. A lake surrounded by flowers or a mountain peak immersed in silence and music make even a cloudy day enjoyable. And then there are the thousands and thousands of opportunities that a whole day of living offers you, along with the people you love to share them with.  

We may not be able to control the weather, or guarantee the company, but we can guarantee two things: the beauty of the natural scenery of Trentino and all the experiences we have prepared for people, like you, who have chosen to enjoy the most beautiful days of summer with us. 


Listen to music in the Dolomites 

Have you ever attended a Suoni delle Dolomiti concert? It is an experience to try at least once in your life: along with the musicians, you climb the mountain trails to arrive at valleys and meadows, clearings and mountain tops, to listen to wonderful music. A great festival where music and nature come together on the natural stage of the Dolomites.  


Wake up on an alpine farmstead

This is one of the top experiences of the Trentino summer that you can enjoy in many different places, from the Brenta Dolomites to the Pale di San Martino, from Val di Fassa to the Paganella plateau. You can fall asleep in the mountains and wake up at dawn to admire the first rays of sun hitting the Dolomites, as you enjoy an authentic Ladin breakfast.  


Feel your heart beat faster

It is called the "Mountain Beat Festival. Emozioni ad alta e bassa frequenza", Emotions at high and low frequency - the event that opens the summer in Pinzolo. The high frequency emotions are at the concerts at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, and the low frequencies are experiences in nature, to enjoy between one concert and the next. 


See the concerts at Lagorai d'incanto

A music festival on a natural stage, where music interweaves with the sounds of nature. In the background are the endless shades of green of the Lagorai and the Cima d'Asta Group, in Valsugana. Lagorai d'incanto is one of the festivals opening the summer in Trentino, featuring top artists.  


A sunset picnic

What could be more romantic than a picnic at sunset, while the sun illuminates the vineyards with orange hues? This is the experience that awaits you in Vigo Lomaso, in the Valle di Comano (Comano valley). In your hamper you’ll find a selection of strictly locally sourced fare: small fruits, preserves, mountain bread, local cured meats... everything you need for your picnic.


Try paragliding over the Dolomites

The Dolomites need no introduction, but you may have never seen them from above, as you soar through the air, letting yourself be guided by the wind. This summer you can experience the thrill of paragliding over Lago di Molveno, with a view over the Brenta Dolomites. An experience accessible to all, from 8 years and up. 


Slow down, in harmony with nature

Indulge in a few days of slow living, in the natural environment of Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra, which offer many slow experiences in the summer. Trekking in the forest, walks with alpacas, excursions on the trail of great artists, and much more. Everything you need to feel good. 


Enjoy a tour of the via ferrata climbing routes on the Pale di San Martino

This experience is great if you are already comfortable with the mountains and you know how to use a via ferrata: the Palaronda Ferrata Classic is an exciting six-day trip to discover the Pale di San Martino mountain range on a network of well-signposted climbing routes and well-equipped trails in excellent condition.


An MTB ride in Alpe Cimbra

Dirt tracks through the woods, unexpected views of the mountains and trails that lead you to explore villages and forts from the Great War: Alpe Cimbra is one of the top destinations for those who love mountain biking. If you are then looking for excitement and you love downhill riding, you can try the descents in the Lavarone Bike Park and FolgaRide


See the sunset from the mountains

This experience in the mountains of Vallagarina is called "Tramonti e lune piene", Sunsets and full moons. You set off on foot a little before sunset, accompanied by the sun sinking between the mountains. When you arrive at your destination, you eat dinner together in a mountain hut, before returning to the valley by the light of the moon. 


Hike & Bike

A short distance from Trento, on the Altopiano di Piné, you will find the Serraia and Delle Piazze lakes, two bodies of water from which a network of dirt tracks and mountain bike trails branch off, totalling over 200 km of routes. These circuits vary in length and difficulty, passing through breathtaking vantage points and places of cultural and natural interest. Why not try them this spring?


Trekking in the mountains of Val di Sole

Woods, streams, waterfalls, mountain pastures and alpine lakes: trekking in Val di Sole means immersing yourself in a boundless natural alpine landscape. You can choose from hundreds of kilometres of trails, suitable for all types of walkers - you just need good preparation and the right equipment. 


Try a gravel bike

It’s versatile and perfect for both asphalt and gravel roads: we’re talking about a gravel bike – the "explorers” bike! If you fancy cycling this summer, then the Val di Sole (Sole Valley) is the place for you, the first gravel bike venue in Italy, with numerous tracks specially prepared for gravel enthusiasts.


A scavenger hunt among towers and ramparts 

This experience is dedicated to kids visiting the elegant halls of Castel Valer, in Val di Non. This is how you play: the young explorers have images of details of the castle, and they need to find these details in the areas they cross while visiting the castle. Are you ready to discover the secrets of Castel Valer? 


Stargazing from the Dolomites

When you are in the Dolomites, you feel as if you could touch the sky with your fingers and catch the stars one by one. Especially if you are at an altitude of 2,950 metres, on the Terrazza delle Dolomiti at Sass Pordoi. Climb to the top in the cable car, in the company of experts, and stay to watch the starry sky, in an exciting journey through the constellations. 

Published on 29/05/2024