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14 experiences not to be missed this summer in Trentino

SUMMER 2023 – How can you get the most out of summer? The answer is simple: by doing what inspires you!
If, for instance, you love outdoor sports, then hike a mountain trail, or paddle a kayak on lake or along streams that flow between gorges and rock canyons.

Feel like relaxing and recharging your batteries? Then we recommend a forest bathing session, or a morning in a spa with mountain views. If, on the other hand, you want to discover Trentino… its history and flavours, just enter the gates of a castle, or stroll through villages, which are enlivened in summer with many festivals dedicated to food-loving travellers.

And you? How do you want to enjoy your summer? To help you decide, you can get inspiration from our recommendations of activities listed below.


Lake Kayaking

An adventure amid gorges and canyons, exploring the most hidden corners of the Lake Santa Giustina, gliding across the water using the strength of your arms, one paddle pull after another. How about kicking off your summer kayaking in Val di Non, following the flow of Rio Novella?


Sunrises and sunsets in a mountain dairy

It's one of the top summer experiences in Trentino that you can enjoy in a number of different locations, including the wonderful Val di Fassa (Fassa Valley). Drift off to sleep at high altitude and then wake at the first light of dawn to admire the first rays of the sun illuminating the Dolomites, while you tuck into a delicious Ladin breakfast.


Try a gravel bike!

It’s versatile and perfect for both asphalt and gravel roads: we’re talking about a gravel bike – the "explorers” bike! If you fancy cycling this summer, then the Val di Sole (Sole Valley) is the place for you, the first gravel bike venue in Italy, with numerous tracks specially prepared for gravel enthusiasts.


A new bike park

Stay in the saddle, as now we’ll whisk you to the Alpe Cimbra (Cimbra Alps) where a new bike park opens this summer: FolgaRide will be open from 1 July 2023, confirming this area as one of Trentino’s premier biking venue, and which also boasts the historic Lavarone bike park.


A cocktail on a beach… in the mountains

Madonna di Campiglio's offering, "Spiagge alte” (beaches at high altitudes), is a wonderfully glamorous and relaxing experience: an aperitif of exclusive cocktails, mixed with herbal extracts and mountain fruits, all on a beach... in the mountains, lulled by the natural murmur of gently flowing streams.


A sunset picnic

What could be more romantic than a picnic at sunset, while the sun illuminates the vineyards with orange hues? This is the experience that awaits you in Vigo Lomaso, in the Valle di Comano (Comano valley). In your hamper you’ll find a selection of strictly locally sourced fare: small fruits, preserves, mountain bread, local cured meats... everything you need for your picnic.


Get to know the forest from an early age

An experience designed especially for kids, as it’s never too early to develop your child’s love of nature. We’re talking about "Baby Forest Bathing with headphones" in the woods of the Paganella plateau. A walk in The Breath Park, listening to the curious stories of its inhabitants.


Moonlight walks

You've probably already heard of Urban Trekking, but perhaps you've never thought of trying it at night, hiking by the light of the moon. You can enjoy this experience in Rovereto, with a selection of routes including one along the Leno stream, to let you discover a new and mysterious side of the city.


A memorable birthday party!

Mark 22 July in your calendar because MUSE, Trento’s renowned natural sciences museum, turns 10 and will be celebrating with a ten-hour non-stop party! Workshops for kids, street artists, a beautiful theatre performance and a grand finale concert.


For mountain enthusiasts

This experience is reserved for those already familiar with the mountains and who know how to tackle a via ferrata: this is the Palaronda Ferrata Classic, an exciting six-day experience to discover the Pale di San Martino massif following a network of via ferratas and well-signposted, excellently maintained equipped trails.


A slow-paced vacation

This is what awaits you in the Valle di Fiemme and Val di Cembra (Fiemme and Cembra Valleys), with many relaxing experiences for you to enjoy this summer: woodland treks, alpaca walks, hikes following in the footsteps of great artists and much more. Everything you need to feel fantastic.


TeaTrekking in Valsugana

If this conjures up images of sipping a cup of tea during your mountain hike then you’re way off! Because the "tea” here stands for "Theatre": this is a series of hikes combining theatre and landscape in Valsugana accompanied by mid-mountain guides, which are rounded off with a theatre performance. An experience well worth a try!


Cultural trails

You can describe Trentino from many different viewpoints: its flora and fauna, ancient history, art, traditions, 20th-century history... that’s why we’ve created five Cultural Trails – itineraries which take in museums, castles, old mills and forts from the Great War to help you discover our stories and our history.


Sounds of the Dolomites

Every summer, Trentino hosts a series events combining music and nature, performed on natural stages throughout the Dolomites. It’s a hugely evocative experience, well worth trying at least once: together with the musicians, you’ll hike up mountain paths to reach hollows and meadows, clearings and peaks and listen to superb music. Discover the 2023 edition!

Published on 03/08/2023