Ledro: the ideal lake for children

Six ideas for all the family, including your four-legged friends

SUMMER 2020 – “As soon as we got here, we saw this big, sky blue lake surrounded by countless trees. Mummy said that if I’m good she’ll take me canoeing and Balto can come, too. I’m going to put my swimming costume on right away!”

Calm, clean water, green meadows where you can take it easy, and fresh mountain air: Lake Ledro is the ideal place for a family holiday. You can also sign up for children’s sailing or canoeing lessons and the initiatives organized by the Museo delle Palafitte (Pile Dwellings Museum) on the shore of the lake. While the little ones are having fun, you can take a stroll around the lake, go for a bike ride or stretch out on the grass and bask in the natural wonders of the Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Here are six of the many ways that you can have a great time during a holiday by Lake Ledro.


Go all around the lake

Get up early, put your trainers on and go for a morning run. Savour the sight of the lake changing colour as it awakens, while the birds sing in the trees. The circular route around Lake Ledro is approximately 10 km in length and it is mostly on dirt tracks. It is perfect for everything from exercise for fitness fanatics to a gentle family stroll.


Discover hidden treasures

There are four main beaches around Lake Ledro, but if you look around its more secluded spots you can find a little space all for yourself. You can explore on foot by following the cycle path, or move around on the water in a boat, a canoe, a pedalo or a stand-up paddle board. We are sure that you will find the place of your dreams among the little jetties, harbours and inlets!


See the lake from a pile dwelling

Have you ever seen a pile dwelling at sunset? There is nothing else quite like the sights that you can find here. 4,000 years ago, there was a village of pile dwellings on the shore of Lake Ledro. The site is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List and recreations of the pile dwellings have been built there. Watching the sun go down behind their silhouettes is a spellbinding experience, especially for children.


Which beach should you pick?

There are four beaches around Lake Ledro. They are all open to the public and they are all different. For example, Besta beach is located on the eastern shore of the lake and it is near the Museo delle Palafitte (Pile Dwelling Museum). It is ideal for children not only because it is close to the canoeing club but also because the water is shallow in the four metres nearest the shore. There are all sorts of facilities and services for dogs around Lake Ledro, including the Pet Friendly beach in Pur.


Endless fun for kids

There is a vast range of activities to keep children entertained around Lake Ledro: as well as splashing in the calm water of the lake, they can put their sailing and canoeing skills to the test during the lessons that the local clubs organize for young people. If they are interested in what life was like in prehistoric times, they can go to the Museo delle Palafitte (Pile Dwelling Museum), which organizes numerous events every summer.


Activities for adults

There is plenty to keep grown-ups busy, too: you can rent a canoe, a boat or a pedalo and head out to explore the lake, or give wakeboarding a whirl. Alternatively, go for a stroll around the lake, a bike ride or a hike in the mountains. If you are looking for something more relaxing to do, book a picnic on a sailing boat for a romantic, highly original experience.

Published on 27/05/2020