Sightseeing tours in autumn

Mountain bike itineraries for the most colourful season of the year

Bike rides aren’t just a summer thing. In fact, the most beautiful and pleasant bike rides can be enjoyed in autumn, a magical season for those who love nature. Riding your mountain bike, you can smell the typical scents of autumn and admire the warm colours of the landscape.

On the ride, you will notice the many shades of leaves that change colour depending on the light, from yellow to orange to the most intense and fiery red. Enjoy the view and feel the strain in your body. Choose the right itinerary for you based on your level of fitness! Would you like a few tips? Here you go:


A comfortable itinerary, one of the most characteristic of Garda Trentino, passing through vineyards and cultivated fields. In addition to touching the shores of beautiful Lake Tenno, you'll pedal in the direction of the picturesque village of Canale di Tenno.

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An exciting ring tour in the woods of the Altopiano della Paganella. This is a medium-level itinerary and for those of you who don’t exercise often, we recommend opting for an e-bike. On the route, you’ll also encounter two mountain huts, perfect for a stop to enjoy a tasty meal.

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A scenic trail through the picturesque towns of Bleggio and the rural villages, including Rango. You can extend the tour by about 5 km with two ring itineraries climbing up to Passo Durone (1031 m) and down to Santa Croce.

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Published on 16/10/2019