This Christmas, give a basket of good things from Trentino

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Don’t panic: think Trentino!

If you make a stop in Trento, Rovereto or Riva del Garda before the Christmas holidays, you can look for presents in the shops and ateliers among the maze of quaint streets in the city centres. Then again, if you like the idea of discovering the region and its hidden gems, we also recommend making purchases directly from the producers, where you can discover the origins and qualities of the items that you take home, providing a story behind how they were made.

Valle dell'Adige - Trento - Piazza Fiera - Mercatini di Natale

Objects and crafts


Redo upcycling

An A.l.p.i. cooperative project, born in Trento in 2014, which combines social wellness and the recycling of waste materials. The result? Backpacks, bags, shopper bags, purses, bike bags that last over time, with an elegant and minimalist design. 



The laboratory of Veronica Vianini is in Trento, a creative soul, feisty but delicate, just like her porcelains. A craft workshop in the heart of the city that also organises workshops to give space to your creativity.


Keller publisher

Discover the products of this small independent Trentino publishing house based in Rovereto, which suddenly became famous in 2008 with Herta Muller’s Nobel Prize for “The Land of Green Plums”. Keller promotes Central European readings and an out-of-the-box look at the world.



A designer and artisan who manages a fair-trade and supportive jewellery shop in the heart of the historic centre of Riva del Garda. Minimalist, pleasant and precious lines that come only from controlled supply chains.


La stanza nel bosco (The room in the woods)

The trees and animals of the Trentino woods sewn by Stefania’s hands are transformed into soft plush toys to hug and to take along on all the most extraordinary adventures that your imagination allows you to create.

Miele | © Archivio Trentino Mktg

Food and wine products



The rhododendron is one of the iconic blooms of the Dolomites, and its honey is something special. The bees fill their boots, and our apiarists follow them up the mountains in summer to bring you a dense, clear honey full of sunshine flavour. Two producers to try are Apis Labor in Primiero – a recent winner of the 3 Gocce d’Oro award precisely for their rhodo honey – and Mieli Thun from the Val di Non. 


EVO Olive Oil from Lake Garda

Did you know that Trentino has the northernmost olive groves in Europe? These prized varieties by the banks of Lake Garda yield an EVO as delicate as it is elegant. You can buy some from the Agraria cooperative shop in Riva or from other local producers like Olio Cru and Madonna delle Vittorie in Arco. 

Typical products of the territory of Trentino - Where to taste Olive oil - Northern Italy

Trentodoc sparkling wine

At Christmas and during the festive season, you can toast in style if you take some mountain bubbly with you: in Trentino, the production of classic method Trentodoc sparkling wine is highly prized. There is even an Institute for its protection, including 64 local sparkling wine producers, united under strict regulations and the Trentodoc brand. From the best known labels to very young producers, from special ageing to slow maturation; white or rosé, vintage or reserve... There is so much to choose from!


Grappas and locally produced gin

Single-varietal grappas, from indigenous grapes such as Nosiola, Teroldego and Marzemino; herbal distillates or liqueurs made from small fruits; and then – last but not least – locally produced gin. In Trentino the passion for liqueurs has found fertile ground, and there are many locally produced varieties that you can taste, searching mixes and cocktails for the unparalleled balsamic flavour of the forest.

These are all great ideas for a heart-warming gift, to be sipped in company, in front of a lit fire.

Christmas shopping with Trentino products

Homemade jams

Jam is a classic Christmas gift and Trentino has plenty of it on offer! As you would expect, they are prepared with local ingredients: from plum jam to rose, to jam that combines all the flavours of strudel. Bring home a little sweetness from our mountains.


Pasta from Val di Fiemme

Your basket of goodies simply has to include pasta. So, why not treat someone to the beautiful packages of Monograno Felicetti pasta, with its award-winning quality thanks to the Val di Fiemme water with which it is prepared. A taste waiting to be discovered.


Delicious coffee

Coffee certainly cannot be produced in Trentino, and that is perhaps why people here have invested in the art of coffee roasting, with no less than 6 roasters offering carefully prepared, unique products. Visit Casa del Caffè in Trento city centre, Omkafé in Riva del Garda, Caffè Adler in Lavis; in Rovereto city centre, Bontadi is the longest-established company, founded in 1790, while young start-up I Druper Coffee in Zambana is the latest, well qualified, entrant.


Artisanal Panettone

And we haven’t even mentioned traditional Christmas cakes yet! Panettone – strictly artisanal – is a growing trend on Trentino festive tables. Panificio Moderno is famed for its soft, fragrant panettoni with chocolate drops or coffee.
Exquisita in Rovereto stands out for its flavourful panettoni made with San Martim raisin wine. And a variety with Dro plums and extra virgin Garda olive oil is a firm favourite from Agraria cooperative shop in Riva.

Trentino in un barattolo

Teas, fragrances and essences from the mountains

The herbs and flowers of Trentino star in numerous products and ingredients from infusions to aromatised salt. Discover the produce of farms in such Eden-like spots as Primiero (Erborì), the Val di Non (l’Essenza del Bosco) and the Val di Fassa (Agriturismo Fiores). If you like essential oils and room fragrances, you’ll love the Magnifica Essenza range from the Val di Fiemme; they’ll infuse your home with the aromas of the Trentino woods.


Body care from nature

We end with some classic Christmas gifts: body care and cosmetics. In Trentino these have an all-natural version, with creams enriched with thermal waters such as Acqua delle Terme di Comano and Acqua di Levico. Then, there are also creams and lotions made from donkey milk, as well as edelweiss, snail slime and medicinal plants – all products from small local farms that take care of the supply chain from start to finish.

Christmas shopping with Trentino products

Nature and sustainability


Give the gift of a pact with the forest…

…and help save a forest in Trentino! The Trentino Tree Agreement is the project born after the destruction of approximately 4 million cubic metres of trees following the Vaia storm in 2018, which transformed the physiognomy of the landscape of our mountains forever. Donations made their partial restoration possible. The necessary conservation and care work will continue for decades. You can choose from different subscription options to symbolically adopt your trees, participate in guided tours to plant them, and leave an indelible signature as a sign of your love for the forest, the planet, and life.


Give the gift of a… real cow!

Yes, for Christmas you can put a cow under the tree! The Adopt a cow project from Valsugana and Lagorai allows you to adopt for someone you love a real cow that will be raised by the valley’s herdsmen and you can visit as many times as you want, with the opportunity of tasting its milk and cheese to boot. All you have to do is choose the farmstead and then your cow. Prepare your greeting message for a unique, surprising, ethical and sustainable gift. Are you already imagining the joy in your children’s eyes?


Give the gift of an apple tree... and its fruits!

You can really make a wish come true: to become a farmer for a day in a real apple orchard in Val di Non! Adopt an apple tree is a project that allows you to choose an apple orchard, a farmhouse and then enjoy the experience of picking your apples directly from the tree. A gift that is a delight and an experience, and that you will remember for many months, until the harvest season. Choose your gift package!



Published on 03/10/2023