What is the recommended altitude for kids?

The crisp mountain air are beneficial to children and parents alike

The altitude recommended for children
The altitude recommended for children

The mountain boosts your wellbeing, also in winter. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a holiday spent in the fresh air, immersed in a scenery of stunning natural beauty. It’s nature’s cure for your body and for your mind too.  There are no downsides, nor age restrictions: the young and the older (but still young at heart) together can enjoy the mountain appreciating, step by step, the benefits and the challenges.

But what is the recommended altitude? Often parents worry about high altitudes, so here are our insider tips: 

Newborn and babies 0-2 years old:

altitudes below 2000m don’t cause much concern, it is recommended, though, a gradual approach to allow acclimatisation. To avoid, instead, altitudes above 2000m.

Children 2-5 years old:

they can attempt to climb up to 2500-3000m always with caution as they may not recognise the symptoms of high altitude sickness.

Children 5-10 years old:

generally, they cope quite well with being at medium altitudes, up to 3000m

Children aged 10 years and above:

at this age they can physically handle the challenges of high elevations and they are also able to tell if any problem occurs. Therefore, there are no restrictions for children aged 10 or over.

Published on 06/06/2023