Holidaying safely in Trentino: getting around and using public transport

Trentino boasts a wide network of local services — buses, shuttles and trains — which guarantee transport within the largest towns on the valley floor as well as links between these settlements and the mountain valleys surrounded by countryside. At the moment, the local transport system has resumed operating, though with a number of procedures and measures in place to guarantee that its services can be provided while protecting all users.

With this guide you will learn more about how the Trentino Trasporti network works and you can help to guarantee that the service operates in complete safety, for you and for others.

What we’re doing to take care of you

  • On all vehicles, in stations and at bus stops, it is mandatory to maintain distancing of at least 1 metre from other passengers and always wear a mask which correctly covers your nose and mouth. Also for childrends from 3 to 6 ages old.
  • If you have a fever or other symptoms attributable to COVID-19, the use of public transport is strictly prohibited.
  • The capacity of the public transportation is reduced to 50%.
  • At bus stations, in ticket offices and on board vehicles, you will find instructions to follow for occupying the available spaces and for following any routes put in place to prevent gatherings.
  • Passengers must enter and exit the vehicle in an orderly fashion, using only the doors indicated and always maintaining the minimum distance from other passengers.


For transport services within the city, you can purchase physical tickets from tobacconists and newsagents, at bus stations or from automatic ticket machines. To travel outside the city, you can purchase your ticket at the bus station.

To make the service run more smoothly, SMART payment procedures are preferred at this time. In fact, you can purchase a ticket for your trip using your smartphone, thanks to the authorised Apps Open Move and Dropticket. This also gives you a discount of 20 cents on the flat rate for travelling outside the city, which has been set at €2 per person per trip.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pay-as-you-go card for €1, which is not in the name of any specific holder. This is a convenient microchip card available from bus station ticket offices, train stations, or in the Famiglie Cooperative stores you can find throughout the territory. This card can be credited when purchased, and topped up again also at ATMs whenever the credit runs out. Pay-as-you-go cards can only be used by one person at a time.

Always remember to stamp your ticket or pay-as-you-go card when you get on board, whether you’re travelling inside or outside the town. If you use multiple means of transport (a bus and a train), you must remember to validate it both when you get on and get off each vehicle you use.


Before planning your journey, carefully check transport times by consulting the timetables or asking for help at a tourist office or the accommodation facility where you are staying.

We advise you to consult the Trentino Trasporti or Trenitalia website for extra-regional train service


More services

To help you make use of the cable lifts located in mountain areas, we have prepared a special guide on that topic for you. Read more here.

For specific information on the connection services available within individual valleys, such as seasonal shuttle buses or local bike shuttle services, we recommend that you contact your nearest tourist information office.


  • 1500 National COVID EMERGENCY Number
  • 112 number for all other kind of emergency
Published on 16/11/2020