Holidaying safely in Trentino: shopping

Stores and boutiques of all types, shopping centres, stalls and markets are open and ready to welcome you and introduce you to Trentino’s finest wares. From local craftsmanship to regional wines, from historic little boutiques to culinary delicacies: shopping in Trentino is an experience that captivates your senses. As always, however, a series of safety measures must be observed to protect yourself and others. We have summarised them in this short guide, which is split into special sections on stores, shopping centres and markets.


  • In shops that sell food or drinks, hand sanitiser must be used. The merchant will provide it for you.
  • In shops or stalls that sell clothing and shoes, always ask staff before trying anything on. They will provide you with hand sanitiser or disposable gloves for this purpose.
  • In any case, never take off your mask.
  • Electronic payments are always preferred.

Stores and boutiques

  • In every establishment, you will find signs on display providing information on the safety measures implemented and which must be observed, as well as the routes to follow and distancing to maintain once inside.
  • You will not be allowed to enter if you have a fever (37.5°C or higher). Your temperature may be taken at the entrance.
  • When entering, exiting and browsing the store, you must observe safe distancing of 1 metre.
  • Be patient. You may have to wait your turn before entering, especially in smaller stores and shops.
  • Even in stores that do not sell food or drinks it is a good idea to always use hand sanitiser. Business owners will provide hand sanitiser for you.
  • Where there are elevators, their use may be limited to just a few people at a time, giving priority to people with limited mobility.

Shopping centres

There are not very many of these in Trentino, but remember that the use of common areas, such as playgrounds or rest areas with benches, may be forbidden or limited for those that do exist. This is in order to reduce gatherings and encourage distancing. The use of toilet facilities will be regulated through adequate distancing and queuing measures. The use of car parks, particularly those which are underground and under the control of the shopping centre, may also be controlled through staggered entrances and safe routes.

Markets and stalls

Markets in public areas is safe, while always maintaining minimum distancing, and the many control measures which are usually in place for this kind of activity remain guaranteed. Here, the merchants themselves will help you by providing spacers at the stalls and marking out the distances which must be maintained. The use of masks is mandatory, particularly as you may find yourself in crowds of unknown people.


  • 1500 National COVID EMERGENCY Number
  • 112 number for all other kind of emergency
Published on 05/11/2020