Holidaying safely in Trentino: ski lifts

More than 229 cable lift and cars take every year in Trentino all the ski and snow lovers to the botton of the mountains to enjoy the deep feeling of fresh snow an pure air. For this reason, despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have worked hard and succeeded in preparing measures to safely manage these incredibly useful services and ensure they can continue to be used although with some regulations and limitations.


  • Access is prohibited to those with a temperature of 37.5°C or higher. You may be asked to consent to a temperature check.
  • Always keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from others.
  • Wearing a mask is obligatory to access all public spaces and where it is not possible to maintain minimum safe distances.
  • Use the hand sanitiser that is provided and wash your hands often.

What we’re doing to take care of you

The major condition for the use of the lifts is the ability to guarantee safe distancing between people from different households or social groups, by limiting access for every ride and guaranteeing the following conditions based on the specific features of each type of lift:

  • for chairlifts: given that this is an outdoor service, it is considered enough to require masks to be worn;
  • for gondola lifts and cable cars: in addition to wearing a mask, the maximum capacity of the vehicle will be reduced to 2/3.

A fresh flow of air will be guaranteed in gondola lifts and cable cars by keeping the windows permanently open, or drawing air in from the outside

  • 1500 National COVID EMERGENCY Number
  • 112 number for all other kind of emergency


Read this guide and, if you have any remaining questions, contact your nearest tourist information office or the company that manages the lift you want to use to find out more.

  • Always wear a mask and maintain social distances, including when you are near the stations, whether in the valley or the mountain, and help your children to put one on too if they are 3 or older.
  • Follow the instructions given on the signs on display, which may identify routes mapped out for your safety. Entrances and exits, for example, must always be separated in terms of space, where possible, or time, encouraging alternating flows. If you have any doubts or questions, always check with the ticket office or support staff.
  • If you need to use the toilet or catering services which may be connected to the cable lift station, check before you go inside. To avoid crossing paths, it may not be possible to use these services after accessing the area where the lift leaves from.
  • The use of elevators may be reserved for people with disabilities or limited mobility. If there are multiple elevators present, some of them may be allocated for the exclusive use of cyclists. The limited use of elevators may depend on sanitisation times.
  • If you are using services with no operator on board the cabin, as is the case with some cable cars, never close any windows you may find open. These allow a natural flow of fresh air, which enables better ventilation of the space and counters the spread of the virus.
  • Many cable lift companies have made tickets available for on-line purchase in order to keep queues down and reduce interactions with people. Take advantage of this opportunity! If you have one of the local cards, which include the cost of cable lifts, or the Guest Card, which entitles you to discounts on many of Trentino’s lift facilities, always check how to use these smart options before you set out. Consult the website of the specific cable lift company or ask at the closest tourist information office. For payments made on-site, electronic systems are preferred.
Published on 05/11/2020