Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

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A leisurely break in Comano

The ideal place to get back to nature with a range of activities

SUMMER – With its huge nature park, lots of green spaces and little hamlets, Comano Terme is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, take it easy and make time for yourself.

The Parco delle Terme di Comano is a 14 hectare park dotted with age-old plants, meadows, streams and woods that has become a sort of “gym for the soul”. Learn to breathe with a natural rhythm again as you listen to the rustling leaves and babbling brooks.

A selection of “Terme di Comano Natural Wellness” activities has been put together to cater to the growing need for a fresh sense of mental and physical balance.

Slow Travel

Sensory Trail

Walk barefoot along a trail with 11 “sensory stations”, accompanied by expert therapist Stefano Bianchi. As well as improving your posture, balance and blood circulation, it will help to reduce stress and boost your energy levels.


Forest Bathing

Breathe in sync with the woods around you so that all five of your senses are brought into closer contact with the natural world. This ancient Japanese practice underlines the close ties between our immune systems and monoterpenes: volatile substances that are released by a number of species of plants, including beech and European spruce trees. Both of these types of trees are found in abundance in the Parco delle Terme di Comano.

Slow Travel

Mattia and Alissa

Just down the road from the park is San Lorenzo Dorsino, which has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy by the Borghi Più Belli d’Italia association. It is a long-established gateway to the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta (nature park) and home to Mattia Cornella and Alissa Shiraishi, who are exponents of the slow living movement.
Balance is a key part of what they do and Japan comes back into play in the shape of the term “mattari”, which refers to relaxation and gently flowing energy. Its origins lie in prestigious Kansai cuisine, but it is perfectly in keeping with the philosophy of life espoused by our experts Mattia and Alissa: take the time to do something you love that relaxes you and makes you feel light-hearted and carefree.

Slow Travel


Mattia is from Trentino and Alissa comes from Japan. They fell in love in Paris thanks to a shared love of shiatsu. Surrounded by the natural landscape of the Giudicarie area, in the village of San Lorenzo Dorsino they devote themselves body and soul to a range of activities, including “iokai shiatsu” (which stimulates the flow of “Ki” life force) and “perception walking” (which involves walking with your eyes closed in order to sharpen your other senses and establish a profound connection with the natural world).

Published on 08/06/2020