Mountain seas

From Lake Garda to Lake Molveno, where the water is always bluer than ever

Expanses of crystal-clear water where you can see the sun dive, beaches for romantic aperitifs, dinners of freshly caught fish and a climate that is so pleasantly cool at night that it ensures restful sleeps. And then walks hand in hand, dives, baths and safe runs with children on foot, by bike or by pedal boat.

Opting for a hotel a stone’s throw from the lake is something everybody can agree on. In any season, at any age.

Laghi del Trentino, estate

A hotel by the Blue Flag Trentino lakes

The water is almost hypnotic to the eye, mesmerizing all the senses. In the proximity of its waters, whether still or rippled by the wind, you can feel its color, scent and sound, even in the dark. It is almost a primordial feeling, a sense of peace and, seemingly, the rediscovery of happy memories.

The Trentino lakes are among the most beautiful in Italy. Ten of them have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, in recognition of the quality of their waters, as well as of the services and safety offered by them, and the environmental management of beaches.

From Lake Idro, in Trentino’s westernmost corner, to the Levico and Caldonazzo lakes in Valsugana, and the Serraia and Delle Piazze lakes in Val di Cembra, or Lake Ledro, in the hearth of nature. All you have to do is choose your lake: for sure, you will find a hotel that is right for you!

Trentino’s lakeside hotels

Like being in the Mediterranean, but at the foot of the Alps

His Majesty, Lake Garda. It is so big that it looks like a sea hosting hundreds of sails gliding in the sun. You wake up in the morning and you can choose the activity you want. Diving, canoeing, swimming, biking, walking or climbing.

Because, unlike the sea, the Trentino portion of Lake Garda is large enough to suggest infinity, yet sufficiently finite to give you the vertigo of the height of its surrounding rocks.

Can we bet that waking up with Lake Garda in sight gives you the euphoria of a terrace overlooking the ocean?


By Italy’s most beautiful and cleanest lake

It’s Molveno. For years now, Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club have consistently named it Italy’s most beautiful and cleanest lake. It is framed by the Brenta Dolomites and the Paganella plateau.

Perfect for walks on flat grounds, or even uphill and downhill. It features MTB trails, a bike park and then the chance to be admired from above, though a wonderful paragliding ride. As you enjoy it with feet on the ground, a holiday on this lake is contagious. Its turquoise water becomes engraved in one’s memory in no time.

Lago di Molveno

Or, simply wherever you want

Because there are so many lakes in Trentino. And each is different from the other. A lakeshore holiday teaches you to tell the hours of the day from the color reflections of the water, the sound of the leaves and the scents that the breeze lifts up as its rocks chlorophyll off the seabed.

The Hotels and Garnis we have selected for you will be able to tell you their best stories.

Lakeside Hotels in Trentino

Lakeside Hotels in Trentino

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Published on 15/12/2023