Pack your swimming costume, hiking boots and bicycle helmet

Five things to do around Molveno: the most beautiful lake in Italy

It looks stunning when you see it from the shore, nestled among the Brenta Dolomites, and it is a spellbinding sight when you look down from above, perhaps when you are hiking, cycling or even paragliding. Lake Molveno on the Paganella plateau has something for everyone: from lovers of life in the mountains and dedicated sports enthusiasts to romantic wanderers and families who want to revel in the divine lake views and eat delicious ice cream on the beach. What’s more, the outstanding beach services and exceptionally clean water have led Legambiente and Touring Club Italiano to name Molveno the “Most beautiful lake in Italy”.

One day you can explore the Dolomites by mountain bike, thanks to a network of routes spanning more than 400 km and no fewer than three Bike Parks. The next you can put on your hiking boots and follow the paths around the mountains or go paragliding and admire the lake from on high like an eagle. If you want to take it easy, there are great facilities on the beaches and lots of paths in the mountains that are suitable for everyone, including young children.

Shall we get started?


Mountain biking on the Paganella plateau

Mountain bikers flock to the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area, where they can follow more than 400 km of trails among the woods, meadows, mountains and lakes. If you are a real thrill seeker, try the downhill trails in the area’s three bike parks: the one in Fai della Paganella is for expert riders, while the going is a little easier in Andalo Bike Zone and Molveno Bike Zone.


Hiking in the heart of the Dolomites

What could be healthier than walking through the woods, breathing in the fresh mountain air? It is a special experience that can be made truly unique by the sight of the Brenta Dolomites all around you. In the Lake Molveno area there are numerous paths of varying levels of difficulty for everyone from expert hikers to families, who can take advantage of the cable cars to head straight to the top of the mountains.

Paganella - parapendio sul lago di Molveno


You will be accompanied by professionals and all of the necessary safety measures will be taken, but you still need to be feeling brave to try an experience like this. Pick one of the three launch sites, then go up there and you will be securely buckled into a harness ahead of your flight down from the mountain to the lake, which will take around 15 minutes. It is a breathtaking but totally safe experience that can be enjoyed by children as young as eight.


In the mountains with the kids

Enjoy amazing views of Lake Molveno from 1,367 metres above sea level. The Pradel plateau is the ideal place for a family day out in the mountains. If you want to walk, it takes an hour from Andalo or Molveno. Alternatively, you could take the cable car. Once you get to the top, you can follow one of the many hiking paths, get to know the animals that live up there or brave the high ropes courses of Forest Park!


On the lake shore

If you want to keep your feet on the ground – or perhaps in the water – why not spend a day relaxing on the soft grass on the shore of Lake Molveno? You can sunbathe, have some ice cream and read a book, or indulge in a little eco-friendly exploration of the lake with a pedalo, an electric boat, a stand-up paddle board or a canoe. We have some great news for dog lovers: your four-legged friends are welcome here!

Published on 06/06/2023