A relaxed pace of life on the Altopiano di Piné 

4 experiences on Lakes Serraia and Piazze, to enjoy at nature’s own pace

Streams, vineyards, hamlets that sprawl over the slopes and two shimmering expanses of water nestled among the woods and meadows, where you can stop for a swim after a relaxing walk. At an altitude of 974 metres, Lakes Serraia and Piazze on the Piné Plateau are the ideal destination for a relaxed holiday, where you can delight in the silence and clean air of the mountains. The two lakes, which boast Blue Flag beaches, are adjacent to each other and are joined by a path that you can cover on foot, on your MTB, or even on horseback, perhaps stopping now and then to admire the view.

A holiday to these lakes is an opportunity to explore a stunning corner of Trentino, just a few kilometres from Trento and at the foot of the Dolomites. These pathways lead to silent mountain sanctuaries, delving into the heart of dense forests, where your thoughts can find peace and your heartbeat can synchronise with the perfect rhythm of nature.

There are lots of experiences you can enjoy on the Piné Plateau and in the Cembra Valley. Here are 4 that we recommend you take your time with, relishing every moment.


Around the Blue Flag lakes

Lake Serraia and Lake Piazze boast Blue Flags beaches, the highly coveted award from the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). Whether on foot or on e-bikes, nothing is more relaxing than a stroll along the lakeside, stretching out on the grass to soak up some vitamin D.


Exploring hidden pathways

First, enjoy a lakeside picnic before shouldering your rucksack and setting off to explore some pathways which take you off the beaten track (though still well signposted). You can set out to discover the former silver mines known as the Canope. All you need are the boots on your feet, the rucksack on your shoulders, and a burning desire to explore.


Stop to breathe in nature

Even the simple decision to stop, look around, breathe in the fresh air of the woods and listen to the sounds of nature is an experience that has a special pleasure here in Trentino. Drink in the serenity of the idyllic little lakes that serve to keep flora and fauna in balance; or recharge with the energy of the Cascata del Lupo waterfall as it tumbles down the rocks, or the wild Avisio river. These are the hidden treasures that will make your holiday unique.


At the Moser Mill

Near the golden cereal fields, the old medieval Moser mill has resumed its work. The Moser brothers take you on a journey to learn about the centuries-old history of their family and to discover the secrets of flour making, the same flour you find in the dough of local bakeries and pizza parlors.

Published on 12/09/2023