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In Trentino spring has the scent of the flowers!

10 things to do when the good weather begins

SPRING 2020 - Spring in Italy begins early. And in Trentino it brings with it the scent of the pure air of the Dolomites and of the first walks to regain physical harmony and well-being. You haven’t yet unfastened your ski boots and you’re already on your bike and ready to start off.

In spring, there are beautiful sunny days here, especially in the Lake Garda area, where you can spread out a tablecloth on the grass to have an outdoor picnic. Or enjoy a dish of carne salada (a local meat speciality) in an old medieval village and finish off your meal with a torta di fregoloti (a dry almond crumble) and a glass of Vino Santo.

There are so many things to do in spring because it is impossible to not do something when the sun is out. That is why there are at least 10 reasons to come to Trentino!


To walk amongst the flowers

Spring colours the Trentino with delicate brush strokes of fragrant flowers. Pure white ones like those of apple trees or golden like globeflower. Walking through meadows and pastures in this season may seem like entering a work of art.


To have a picnic at the lake

On Lake Garda spring arrives very early. Thanks to the area’s mild climate, starting from April, you can spread a tablecloth out on the grass and pull out the many delicacies that are made in Trentino from a picnic basket. Here are some tips!


Walking in nature

With mountain boots on your feet, a backpack on your shoulders and wearing a wind jacket, just in case you need it, and off you go. As you walk through the woods and mountains, try to remain silent, to hear the chirping of birds and the wind blowing through the trees. Stop and take a deep breath. Enjoy this moment you have cut out for yourself to the fullest!


To ride down to the lake

In spring, it is beautiful to ride along the lake. The scenery is enthralling, the bike paths are not so crowded yet and the temperature is perfect for doing some outdoor sports. You can choose the cycle path that runs along Lake Garda or the Valsugana one, which takes in the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo.


To visit picturesque villages

Narrow alleys, wooden balconies, cobblestones and stone houses: the features of the Trentino villages make them appear similar, but at the same time unique, thanks to their history, which you can still see in the inhabitants’ glances, in the bars and small churches. Come and discover them!


To regain your perfect physique

When nature awakens, the body also awakens. There is nothing better than doing outdoor activities surrounded by the regenerating freshness of a lake to get back into shape. Yoga, barefoot walks, massages… don’t you feel better already?


To taste the Trentino cuisine

Spring is the season of festivals, which are unique occasions to try the traditional flavours of Trentino and discover the stories behind a particular dish or ingredient. From the asparagus festival to  wine festival. It’s up to you to choose!


To drink a glass of white wine

They call it “il passito dei passiti” (“the dried-grape wine of all dried-grape wines”), due to its quality, which is the result of a long fermentation process. It is sweet and delicate on the palate, so here in Trentino we drink it with sweets. Are you wondering why it is called “Vino Santo”, that is “holy wine”? We will tell you why in this article!


To go on a small adventure

Narrow rock passages, to be explored inch by inch, perhaps protected by a helmet. Discovering the Trentino canyons is a small adventure amongst fascinating sculpted landscapes, in the company of expert guides who will reveal all their secrets.


To play with donkeys

As you can imagine, this activity is for children. Here in Trentino, in fact, you can enjoy yourself while learning a lot of things about nature and animals. Such as donkeys, for instance. Come with us and discover our educational farms.

Published on 13/03/2020