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The season of budding joys

10 things to do to enrich your spring

SPRING 2021 – This spring is all for you. You don’t need a luxury yacht to be happy, or a huge villa with a pool or a latest-generation phone. For you know that a walk in the hills is worth more than the contents of any bank vault. And that filling your lungs with fresh Dolomite air and listening to the musical rippling of a mountain stream is all you’ll ever need to revitalise body, mind and soul.

This spring is unlike any other. It’s one to relish outdoors, living every moment like a hard-won victory. The fragrance of freshly opened flowers, a sweeping view over the Dolomites after a long trek, an intimate picnic on the grass by the banks of a lake – these are precious moments, indescribable joys to treasure forever.

So here are the 10 little gems we’d like to share with you, so you too can savour this lovely season to the full.


A walk among the flowers

In spring, Trentino is aglow with the watercolour hues of fragrant blooms, from white apple to golden globeflower. Strolling through fields and meadows at this time of year is like setting foot in a work of art.


A picnic by the lake

Spring comes early at Lake Garda. The balmy local microclimate makes it an ideal place to spread your picnic rug and dive into your basket of Trentino goodies. Here are a few ideas!


A nature walk

Boots on your feet, rucksack on your back, binoculars at the ready. As you hike the hills and walk through the woods, keep your ears open for the chirping of the birds and the breeze ruffling the trees. Stop and take a good deep breath. It’s all yours!


A lakeside ride

Spring is a great time for pedalling along by the water. The scenery is stunning; the cycleways are still fairly quiet; and the temperature is just right for a spot of open-air exercise. Choose between routes along Lake Garda or by Lakes Levico and Caldonazzo in the Valsugana.


Wandering the villages

Narrow alleys and stone houses, wooden balconies and cobbled lanes: when you visit a village in Trentino, you don’t need to know where the road goes; just follow your nose. Lose yourself among picturesque corners, wafting aromas and overheard snatches of dialect, bumping into a few friendly locals along the way. It’s an experience to savour with all your senses.


A barefoot walk

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Concentrate on the grass caressing your feet. And listen to the melody that nature is weaving all around you. Can you feel the energy as it fills you with warmth from your toes to your nose?


Put your apron on

Honest good food is always a joy – especially if you take a little time to prepare it yourself. You could gather herbs, make some preserves, help with the honey-making or try your hand at a new recipe. The possibilities are endless.


Sip a glass of Vino Santo

They call it the passito to end all passiti: this superb raisin wine emerges from its long fermentation with a sweet, sophisticated taste – best enjoyed (as the locals do) with cakes or biscuits. So what’s so “saintly” about “vino santo”? We’ll tell you in this article …


Explore a new museum

Art, history, nature, traditions … there’s so much to discover in the museums of Trentino. That’s why we’ve prepared some Cultural Trails for you to enjoy, with maps and directions to help you find your way around our region, from one museum to the next.


Get to know the animals

As you can imagine, this is one for youngsters. For here in Trentino, learning about nature and animals – like the donkeys, for example – is a whole lot of fun. Come with us and discover the educational farms in our region.

Published on 01/03/2021