Barefoot walking

Walking barefoot in the woods and meadows of Trentino

Fall 2017

Here’s something that, with its simplicity, can help you get back in touch with nature and with yourself: walking barefoot, feeling the earth and grass beneath your toes, a sensorial experience that will award you with e heightened sense of liberty. There are also beneficial aspects to this activity, like the stimulation of microcirculation and helping improve posture and balance.

In Trentino you can try barefoot walking on your own, or along trails within the Natural Parks or paths purposely arranged where it’s possible to cross different natural terrains within the ever present forests with their essences of wood and flowers.

Barefoot on the path

In Moena in the Val di Fassa, you’ll find the postural and sensory trail created by Tom Perry, the famous shoeless mountaineer. You can make your way barefoot across moss, ferns, sand, water and tree bark, all within a theatre of plants and flowers.

Trek & Fun in Andalo

The Cavallino Lovely Hotel in Andalo is part of the Vitanova group of hotels, which, besides its wellness centre and services offers an interesting 7-day holiday, dedicated to well-being and the great outdoors, which includes yoga and barefoot walks.

Barefoot in the Park

Here’s a chance to discover a new connection with Nature in theNature Park Paneveggio -Pale di San Martino. Shoes off and off you go with light silent footsteps through the centuries-old plants and trees of Villa Welsperg. 

A Kneipp course in the open

The first Kneipp course in Trentino: here this form of hydrotherapy involves the waters of the Rio Valorz torrent and materials such as stones, grass and tree bark. The alternation between hot and cold water improves circulation and gives you a sense of physical well-being.