Explore the authentic taste of a mountain summer

The best events throughout the region celebrating Trentino’s food and wine

SUMMER 2024 - The flavours of Trentino in summer, from farm to fork, reflect the myriad hues of nature. Culinary delights imbued with the lush green of alpine meadows and pastures. The earth, the fragrance of herbs, fruits and flowers. And the milk, as white as of a sun-kissed sheet.

In short, when it’s summer time in Trentino you have no excuses not to sample the flavours of the best culinary traditions of our valleys. Delicious breaks during outdoor excursions, whether by bike or on foot, which help you work up an appetite for food and life. The freedom to get to know the real Trentino through tasting itineraries where you can raise a glass with the producers themselves.

Ever tasted floral sweets?  Or enjoyed a glass of authentic mountain bubbly?

Choose your Trentino tasting experience and set off on a journey into tomorrow’s memories!


Learn to recognize and collect alimurgic plants in the company of expert foragers. Take them with you in your basket. Learn about their properties and the best cooking techniques together with the Trentino’s chefs. Then, take a seat and enjoy your dish! Trentino’s valleys offer you numerous events to choose from.

Sunrises and sunsets in alpine dairies

Ever wondered how an alpine dairyman’s day begins and ends? From waking up and the morning’s first milking to grazing and then the greeting after closing the stables. In places where it’s nature that dictates the rhythms of men, and animals and the colours of the Trentino Dolomites.

Dairy experiences

Discover the world of mountain pastures, the alpine dairy milk supply chain, and how this ‘alpine white gold’ is transformed into butter and cheese. Try your hand at milking a cow or enjoy the experience of hearing the life stories of an alpine dairy farmer. Sample all their products.

A celebration of the dumpling

Perhaps it’s the Trentino traditional dish that’s most enjoyed by young and old alike. Every valley and family has their own jealously guarded recipes. During these events you’ll learn to make them with dedicated cookery lessons, and have the opportunity to taste many different types, all prepared using mountain ingredients.

Flavours and knowledge

All the events and experiences that will allow you to explore the true heart of Trentino traditions. Folklore, heritage, images, places, products... a whole series of dates to transform you into a true mountain taste ‘gastronaut’.

Beneath the twinkling stars

Summertime in Trentino gives you a whole host of dates offering up-close-and-personal stargazing experiences enjoyed literally beneath the stars. Events in the company of astronomers and chefs who will help you explore the wonders of the night sky while savouring gourmet dishes prepared with the finest earthly produce.

Exploring the local area and its wines

Tastings in wineries, treks from vineyard to vineyard, fields full of hops and apples used to craft beers and ciders. A whole host of events for wine lovers and gourmands. Each area boasts its own culinary treasures, and looks forward to opening their doors and their hearts and sharing them with you.

Published on 23/04/2024