Celebrating the noble dumpling!

Like you’ve never tasted them before

Who doesn't love dumplings? Whatever your age, they’re a mouth-watering treat. In their classic form, they’re one of the best-known traditional mountain dishes. But they hide myriad secrets because every family, and indeed every chef, has their own jealously guarded recipe. That's why we never tire of them.

Every season brings different ingredients that transform bread dumplings into great delicacies – both sweet and savoury. Even red ones made with beetroot, green ones with stinging nettles, dumpling goulash, and ones with Fassa cheese…

Throughout this season of events, you’ll be able to sample all the tastes, accompanied by craft beers and wines. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make them during dedicated cooking lessons.

The “Mùsega da Vich” Dumpling Festival

"Mùsega da Vich" is a folk music band from Vigo di Fassa. Every year on 20 July, the band promotes a festival during which children can immerse their hands in dough and learn the art of dumpling making! You’ll be able to sample four different types of dumplings, from starter to dessert.

Knödelfest - Dumpling Festival

During the first weekend in September in Imèr in the Primiero valley, enjoy two whole days and sample up to 20 different types of dumplings, accompanied by music, dancing and activities and workshops for adults and children. And how could you miss the awarding of the titles of Mister and Miss Dumpling?

The Trentino recipe

If you truly enjoyed your canederli, let us share our recipe with you. An excellent basis to start experimenting and find your perfect mix of flavours, playing with creativity with the ingredients you most enjoyed during your trip.

Published on 22/06/2023