Mountain foraging

Who to go with, where to go, and when to collect wild plants... to enjoy them at their best

SUMMER 2023 - Whether it's for fashion, passion, curiosity, because they’re great tasting, or just to spend time in nature, you have so many opportunities to enjoy foraging in Trentino this summer.

Because here, the tradition of collecting edible wild greens, berries, fruits and medicinal plants is as old as the hills and widely practised.

As well as guaranteeing a supply of food and contributing to building the culinary traditions you probably already know and love within our valleys, foraging is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. And we provide the experts!

Wild plants in the kitchen

On June 25th in Vallarsa you’ll be able to enjoy the authentic experience of the farmers of yesteryear. As you stroll along this river valley you’ll collect the wild plants you find, and when you reach Maso Covel, you’ll cook them with Cristina and Fabrizio, along with other ingredients from their land.

Nature at the table

Every Thursday throughout June and September you’ll be able to stroll through the meadows and fields of the Val Concei in Ledro seeking out flowers, mushrooms and wild plants, accompanied by chef Andrea. Head back with a basket full of treasures that Andrea will then teach you to cook. Take a seat at a table in his restaurant and he’ll serve them up. And enjoy them at your leisure!

Medicinal plants workshop

Every Tuesday from 4 July to 12 September Nadia will open the doors of her Agritur Eco-Green Fiores in Vigo di Fassa to provide insight and teach you to identify the mountain flowers and medicinal herbs that inhabit her world. With her you’ll create your own personal flavoured salt with your own hands so you can add the fragrances of the Dolomites to your cooking whenever you wish.

From meadow to meal

A truly relaxing experience to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Noris, the "Lady of the wild plants", will lead you on an exploration along mysterious trails during which you’ll pause to collect wild plants which will then become tasty dishes to be savoured. You can enjoy this experience every Tuesday from 18 July to 29 August, in Val Rendena.

Seize the moment

From June to September, six dates in Val Rendena when you can stroll through meadows and woods in the company of a chef. You’ll learn how to identify and collect wild fruits, berries and flowers, and transform them into delicious dishes and jams. Just as locals did in days gone by.

Foraging and survival: herbs you can eat

Every Monday, from April to October, it is foraging time in Valle dei Mocheni. While it might seem strange to city-dwellers, this practice is second nature to mountain folk. Here, where the forest is a natural kitchen garden of the season’s first bounty, you will learn to spot, pick and taste the most delicious wild herbs.

Published on 12/02/2024