A journey exploring the flavours and wisdom of our mountains

There’s something for all tastes and occasions

Just place your finger down anywhere. Wherever it lands, you’ve made the right choice!

Here, you’ll find a selection of dates to delight the tastebuds within Trentino that will let you explore the heart of our traditions and flavours in perfect settings, and in the company of local people. Whether up high or down in the valleys, in a mountain dairy or city, inside a museum or on during a trek, every experience will leave a treasured memory of Trentino in your heart.

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Scopoli Palace – The House of Food

In the heart of Tonadico, within one of Primiero’s most prestigious palaces – on its own well worth visiting for its historic links to the survival of the local community – sits the House of Food. A unique project combining reflection, meeting and narration, where local products and food traditions provide a window on the past, present and future of an entire region. The house plays host to many initiatives and events providing the public with opportunities to learn, share, taste and fall in love with mountain cuisine.

Walks brimming with flavours

Choose a road... and savour the walk. The Apple Road through the Valli del Noce, the Dolomites Cheese Route or the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route, from Garda to the Dolomites along the Adige Valley. Each follows its own unique itinerary. Hit the road and follow the clues we’ve left for you along the way.


Val Rendena has always been known as the "Val de la trisa” – a “trisa” being the big wooden spoon used to stir polenta as it boils in a copper pot over high heat. And if its golden-coloured Storo polenta produced by Agri 90, stirred personally by you, the flavour and satisfaction will abundantly repay your efforts...

The art of breadmaking

Every Tuesday from June to September, in Comano in Valli Giudicarie, you can learn the art of breadmaking. Take part in a bread-making workshop using mother dough and special flours made in the valley by a real artisanal producer. At the end of the experience you can sample the historic bakery’s products.

Slow food in the kitchen

You have just one opportunity a month to see the chefs of the Slowfood Alliance at work. Inside the museum dedicated to "Vino Santo Trentino” wine, the chefs will prepare the highest-quality ingredients to create your dish which will be paired with a selection of Nosiola... and of course Vino Santo Trentino.

A sunset picnic

Fancy enjoying a sunset picnic this summer, accompanied by some mountain bubbly, reclining amongst the vineyards of a farm in the heart of the Comano valley? The valley is one Trentino’s most open and bucolic, and is dedicated to well-being, livestock rearing and mountain farming.

Council of Trent Dinners

A series of six dates that retrace the history of the city of Trento, in a journey that combines anthropology, architecture, toponymy, traditions and recipes served in secret locations. From the time of the Council to the magnificence of the Baroque era, you’ll savour the city’s heritage – like a true time-travelling ‘gastronaut’.

The alchemy of taste

From late June to late July, Pergine Valsugana will be celebrating sustainability with a series events dedicated to food and wine. Dinners, workshops, and experiences that will uphold ten cardinal rules, including the use of refillable water bottles, sharing or taking home all leftover food, and an invitation to be curious to find out more about the people you meet.

Trentino Barbecue

If you love BBQs, then this is a date you won’t want to miss. An opportunity to sample a selection of the very best certified Trentino meats cooked by masters of the art of barbecuing. Each valley in Trentino will be hosting its own events throughout the summer, from July to September.

Gran Festa da d’Istà

From 8 to 10 September, Canazei will welcome the summer with a famous traditional festival which brings together Ladins from the Fassa and Sella valleys. A joyous occasion, which showcases the music, folklore, cuisine and shares the culture of a people who are unique to the Italian Alps.

Palazzo Scopoli – Casa del Cibo

Palazzo Scopoli – Casa del Cibo

Dal 22 dicembre al 6 gennaio -  Primiero San Martino di Castrozza

Nel cuore di Tonadico presso uno dei palazzi più prestigiosi del Primiero, che da solo vale una visita per la storia che lo lega alla sopravvivenza della comunità locale, è nata la Casa del Cibo. Un progetto unico di riflessione, incontro e narrazioni dove i prodotti e le tradizioni alimentari del luogo svelano il passato, il presente e il futuro di un intero territorio. Tante sono le iniziative e gli eventi aperti al pubblico per imparare, condividere, degustare e innamorarsi del cibo di montagna.  

Telemark&Food Experience

Telemark&Food Experience

Dal 15 al 17 dicembre – Pinzolo

Tre giorni dal divertimento assicurato! Dimentica le racchette, agguanta i bastoni e apprendi le basi del Telemark, la tecnica che prende il nome dalla contea norvegese che diede i natali al suo inventore per tornare alle origini dello sci e poi fai un pieno di gusto con prodotti selezionati del Trentino e bollicine Trentodoc!

Fiera dei Ciucioi

3 dicembre - Lavis

In onore dello splendido Giardino pensile dei Ciucioi, straordinario esempio di paesaggio architettonico avvolto nel fascino del mistero, torna la colorata Fiera della Piana Rotaliana con prodotti locali e Streetfood da tutta Italia. 

Published on 06/06/2023