This sure beats leftovers!

6 ideas for a one-of-a-kind dining experience

Silvery moonlight, the silent lake, the scent of wood, flavours that awaken old memories, an unexpected smile, good company: lots of little things that can change an ordinary dinner into an unforgettable experience.

No one knows the exact recipe because there are so many ingredients and so many different ways to combine them. Yet, there are places in Trentino where every dinner will surprise you with something that is out of the ordinary. It might be because of the location, the atmosphere, a recipe or a special ingredient.

We have selected special places from among restaurants, farmsteads, and mountain huts, places for different occasions and each one unique in its own way. Pull up a chair and choose your own special dinner experience!


A romantic sleigh ride for two

You are on Alpe Cimbra, riding on a sleigh. You have a blanket, you are with the one you love and you have the picnic basket we prepared for you filled with local products you can take your time enjoying. The snow-covered ground sparkles in the soft moonlight, and the city becomes a distant memory.


In good company

Speck from Trentino is soft and sweet. Delicious at every meal, excellent on a charcuterie board, thinly sliced or thick cut, memorable in first courses. Il Maso dello Speck, in Val di Fiemme, has always made it, smoking it with its larches. For total immersion in a tradition that has become legendary, stop off at the Braito family's farm.


Na feta en gnoc and a "Flower"

Spoon-formed gnocchi made with Bleggio potatoes, flour, milk, eggs and grappa, sautéed with Banale ciuìga (salami). This very old dish is literally disappearing. Today, Silvio Salizzoni is the only chef who still makes it in his Osteria Fiore (Flower Pub) in Comano, turning hospitality into a tradition. And around Lomaso, there is a part of Trentino still waiting to be discovered.


The Fairy Temple

 Ristorante Castel Toblino stands on a spur of rock that slid down the mountain. Over time, it became a peninsula where a temple was built to the fairies who had taken possession of it. Now, it is reigned over by one of Trentino’s most evocative castles. You will find enchanting dining rooms and a creative, gourmet menu.


Surrounded by history

In 1861, the Austro-Hungarian Empire fortified Upper Garda. Thanks to its position, the small Fort Nago towered above the valley. Today, the pink Mori stone is still full of life. At Al Fortino, you can immerse yourself in history, admire the view of the lake and you can choose to dine in one of two dining rooms, one dedicated to motorcycle lovers. The menu is inspired by traditional dishes, also with a nod to its younger patrons.


At the edge of time

Lusernarhof is the name of the first inn that welcomed travellers from Passo Vezzena to Luserna — the loft of an old barn, 16 windows and 7 tables overlooking an enchanted valley, a garden of wild herbs and edible flowers, and then, there’s the patàtana korschentz, a Cimbrian potato cake that has fed entire generations and which Luca Zotti cooks, as is tradition, in a pan covered with embers. An experience turned gourmet!


Pure nature

Rifugio Serot is nature at its most enchanting. A house that supports itself with its products, overlooking Lagorai. The chance to experience something truly antique, to breathe in the authentic wood of original mountain homes and furnishings, to take in its precious simplicity. Chef Aronne makes everything from scratch, from the bread to the gelato. A rare flavour experience!

Published on 06/06/2023