Ristorante Castel Toblino

Elegant, age-old, mysterious, enchanted

© Paolo Calzà
© Paolo Calzà

Romantic atmospheres in a fairytale setting to taste the tradition of the Trentino region, in dishes prepared with ingredients that follow the rhythms of nature.

Nestled in a fairytale naturalistic setting - a small oasis with Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by the peaks of Monte Bondone and Paganella, and indebted to the mild climate of Lake Garda - the castle reflects its majesty and grandeur in the lake’s crystal-clear waters.
In addition to the breathtaking scenery, Restaurant Castel Toblino shines with its own light. The ancient walls give it an old-fashioned flair, and the elegance and refinement of its rooms go hand in hand with the culinary offers. The dishes have solid roots in the Trentino region, always enhanced by seasonal flavours: they bring to mind the local culinary tradition with constant attention to new trends, aiming to achieve harmonious combinations that can at once delight the palate and protect our planet.

Genuine flavours, paired with about 400 wine labels resting in the manor’s well-supplied cellar.

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Località Castel Toblino, 1
38076 Madruzzo , Italy

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