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Spectacular, but not for everyone: top downhill trails

The thrill of descending the slopes, even in summer

Meet up with friends, catch the cable car to the summit, check your gear and, before pulling on your helmet, soak in the panorama. Before you rise the Dolomites, a natural theatre fit for champions. Signal your companions and take off down the ski slope, the snow has melted however, leaving earth, rocks and patchy terrain. In the saddle of your MTB, you grip the handles and shift your weight, easing your bike along the trail.

If racing down ski slopes in winter is your thing, then the summer alternative is downhill mountain biking. Like in skiing, you’ll need courage, technique and skill. Indeed, it’s not by chance that many of the more renowned trails follow the ski slopes, taking advantage of the cableways, like the Tognola DH Uno in the San Martino Bike Arena. Here we’ve chosen 5, varying in location and difficulty, from the fearsome Black Snake to the enjoyable Willy Wonka Trail. Get ready to ride!


Willy Wonka Trail

Once you’ve completed this trail, you’ll feel satisfied and full of energy, as if you’ve just eaten the best chocolate there is. A flow trail stretching over 4 km through the forests of the Dolomites in the Andalo Zone of the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Park. Ridges, bridges, jumps and banked curves of easy/medium difficulty. Enjoy!


Tognola DH UNO

A simple trail, but great fun, which alternates between fast descents through the woods and open flow trails, interrupted by long jumps which allow the more expert bikers to catch some air. In the background, the Pale di San Martino Dolomites, after all, this is the San Martino Bike Arena.


Trail Zacan

The downhill trails of the Fassa Bike Resort of Belvedere start off just below the majestic peaks of the Dolomites. You get there by ski lift, at an altitude of about 2,000 metres, and then you’re off on a descent made of skids, jumps and banked curves. We recommend the Zacan trail, not too steep and stretching for 3 kilometres.


Trail Val del Diaol

Behind this rather creepy name (locally “Diaol” means “Devil”) you’ll find one of the more important downhill trails in the Upper Garda area. Stretching four and a half kilometres with a descent of 700 metres with rocks, jumps, curves and fast stretches where you can hit 60 km/h: not for beginners. Are you ready?


Black Snake Trail

We simply had to start our list with this trail, a true monument to downhill mountain biking that turned 20 in the summer of 2018. Considered one of the most technical and difficult trails in the world, it’s an official trail of the MTB Downhill World Championship and draws thousands of enthusiasts to the Bike Park Val di Sole every year!

Published on 27.06.2019