Discovering Trentino with the gravel bike

Riding a gravel bike is an experience that changes the way you look at cycling and the sites you pass through

Large pastures, woods, foamy streams, nature parks, huts, farms, lakes and valleys through climbs and descents of passes exposed to bright Dolomite sunsets.

The Trentino of a geophysical map becomes infinite only by entering it. A great biodiversity reserve and panoramas that cannot fit all together in a single glance. If you love walking, you know well that a slow pace allows you to look beyond the patina of things because it allows you to feel. You know it even better, if your eyes travel on a gravel bike, the one that makes you free to go anywhere at your own pace. In Trentino, you can cycle for days and change scenery, from mountain to valley, from lakes to waterfalls, from chamois to pedal boats, in a single itinerary.

Here, with your gravel bike, your adventurous and heroic off-road travel companion, you just have to get on the saddle and try to explore kilometre after kilometre every road you feel you want to try. We recommend these itineraries, particularly suited to your bike, with the hope that they are only the beginning of a great adventure.

Have a good trip!


Giro del vino 50 in Piana Rotaliana Königsberg Wine Tour

A 50-km long loop itinerary in in Piana Rotaliana Königsberg, a tidy expanse of vineyards through hills, villages and rocks around river Adige, between Trento and Bolzano. An experience to enjoy in complete tranquility, with nice breaks in the cellars or in the recommended farmhouses, where you can delight in local delicacies.


KilometroZero Bike Tour, Comano

Zero: enjoy products grown at zero km, and a difference of zero between the calories consumed and burned by the end of the tour. The itinerary unfolds at the foot of the Dolomites, through one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages, before descending into a canyon and back up through fields of wheat. This route also offers excellent options for taking a break, where you can try 2 Slow Food specialities: Ciuìga, a special type of sausage made with white turnips, and Bleggio walnuts, in addition to delicious dairy cheeses and bio ice cream.


Val Venegia – Baita Segantini Hut

Are you ready to conquer the Pale di San Martino? A valley of glacial and wild origin within the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park that will take you gently to the top to admire the most famous peaks of the Dolomites. Woods, streams and a botanical garden with over 500 species.


Tour of the Vanoi Huts

Loop trail with challenging climbs and relaxation in the end, which will take you in front of the Lagorai in a green and wild valley crossed by the Vanoi stream. For 25 km you will be in a piece of the heart of the Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino Nature Park, in a wildlife and wooded environment that has remained virtually pristine thanks to its natural isolation.


Alpine Gravel Bassa Valle

The itinerary allows you to ride your gravel bike for 49 kilometres, covering almost 1000 metres in altitude. This interesting loop, half on the cycle-pedestrian valley trail and half on a dirt road, traverses small villages, dense woods and sunny apple orchards, ensuring no shortage of splendid panoramic points over the lower Val di Sole.


Alpe Cimbra Tour

This path is very exciting, but also long and technical. Therefore, it is good to have a well-trained leg, because from the lower valley of the Centa you go up the Alpe, via Strada del “Menador”, a daring and panoramic climb, which was also traversed by Giro d’Italia on 25 May 2022.


Pozza - Mazzin - Muncion - Gardeccia - Pozza

Pleasant and panoramic loop tour in Val di Fassa, with a possible detour to the Gardeccia Hut, which makes the route a little more challenging. The proposed tour allows you to warm up your muscles along the bike and pedestrian trail up to Mazzin. From here, head south to visit the charming hamlet of Muncion and, shortly after, take a detour onto a dirt road to pedal towards the Rosengarten group.

Published on 22/01/2024