Easy mountain excursions to do in spring

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Lose yourself in nature to rediscover your inner-balance and vitality. As spring brings more daylight and warmth in the air, you can’t hold it back any longer: it’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and get active. But what’s the best way to do it, you ask? Start with something simple like a walk, slowly embracing the beauty of nature around you. Take a look at our five easy excursions in the mountains, get ready for summer and enjoy the regenerating powers of nature in an exceptional outdoor gym: the Dolomites and Lake Garda.


Be Indiana Jones for a day

An adventurous trekking trail to explore underground pools of water, among stalactites and stalagmites, shaped by water for thousands of years. This unique cave presents rare and valuable traces of the Ursus Speleus Ros, the prehistoric cave bear.


Culture and Land Art along the river Sarca

This excursion will add a cultural dimension to your holiday. From the Sarca riverbank, the trail leads first to Stenico Castle, an elegant manor of the XII century and continues to join Bosco Arte, an art exhibition made entirely of natural elements.


A panoramic trail

A classic that never fails to amaze. It’s the Busatte-Tempesta trail, easy to walk thanks to the spectacular metal staircases fixed to the rock that safely take you across the exposed parts, providing at the same time an amazing lookout on Lake Garda.


Go deep into the valley of waterfalls

A perfect place to regenerate in contact with the purest form of nature, water. Cascades of alpine water, springing from the heart of the Dolomites, roaring through Parco Ademello Brenta. Add more fun counting each waterfall, stream and plunge pool.


The air is fresher on Paganella

Pace yourself and enjoy each step, each breath of fresh air. Go hiking on the Brenta Dolomites and around Lake Molveno, take time to smell the wildflowers and stop for that “wow” moment gazing across the mountains, truly breathtaking.

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Published on 18/03/2019