Water, high mountain adrenaline

Rafting, canyoning, wakeboarding... choose your favourite sport

If you love extreme sports, Trentino is the place for you! In these mountains you can try your hand at climbing, flights with a paraglider and thrilling via ferratas. If on the other hand you prefer water, you’ll be spoilt for choice between rapids, canyons and the constant winds for your kite.

Set off on a thrilling descent in an inflatable raft, enjoying the rapids and rough waters as you paddle down the Noce river. Or you can try a more direct approach to nature, without boards or paddles, and try canyoning. If you enjoy speed and are looking for an adrenaline rush, kitesurfing is just for you! 

Where do you want to start?



Mecca of water sports, every year the Noce river in the Val di Sole attracts rafting enthusiasts from across the globe. Even National Geographic has listed it among the top 10 rivers for rafting. A definite must!



The board is similar to a snowboard, as are the manoeuvres, but instead of snow there’s water. Jumps, turns and somersaults: wakeboarding is for true adrenaline lovers. In Trentino it can be tried at Terlago lake and Ledro lake.



Take on waterfalls, jumps and rope descents as you try to conquer the waters of narrow gushing gorges and still natural pools, all in a truly wild uncontaminated setting. This is what canyoning is all about, a combination of adventure and adrenaline. Here’s where you can try it in Trentino!



Hop on your board and let yourself be propelled across the waters of Idro lake, a glacial pool on the border with Lombardy. Just let your kite catch the Amber, the prevailing thermal wind that blows in the afternoon and makes this the perfect lake for this extreme sport.



Hidden amidst the pleasant farmland of the Val di Non is a truly wild place, just waiting to be explored from a kayak! You can make your way into the narrow straits of the Rio Novella from Lake Santa Giustina. The outing is suitable for all, adults and children: what a great adventure with mum and dad!

Published on 21/03/2024