In a dinghy on the rapids

How about having a go at rafting on the river Noce?

SUMMER – The roaring current, fresh water spraying on your face, clutching your paddle in your hands, and the thrill of the plunge… while dodging a rock poking out of the water in your dinghy. If you've never tried rafting, maybe now is the time to try.

Especially because here in Trentino, you can go rafting on the river Noce that flows through the woods and mountains of the Val di Sole. Just think that, according to National Geographic, it's one of the 10 best rivers in the world for practicing this sport.

Go rafting in the Val di Sole

What is rafting?

Let's start from the basics: rafting is going down a river in a dinghy, called a “raft”, which is unsinkable and self-emptying. It's an exciting sport, especially where the descent gets faster and the current makes the dinghy do little jumps. It's a sport for everyone (you just have to know how to swim) and doesn't require any particular skills to start.

The basic equipment includes a life jacket, a protective helmet, and a suit made of neoprene, which is vital, especially if you're going rafting down a river or a mountain stream, as in our case. As well as a paddle of course! This will all be provided by the rafting center.

Whereas under your suit, we suggest you wear a costume, a long-or short-sleeved breathable top, long socks (wool or synthetic), and sneakers or trekking shoes.

Go rafting in the Val di Sole

An exciting experience in the Val di Sole

The Val di Sole is a point of reference for rafting enthusiasts from all over the world, with a course covering about 28 km along the river Noce, immersed in the lush vegetation.

As reported above, it's an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, including very young kids, as long as you know how to swim, want to have fun and make friends and step up to the challenge. That's right, because the dinghy crew can be made up of four, six or eight people; so, unless you're planning to take part in the experience with a group of friends, you'll have the chance to meet other sportspeople like yourself and share the adventure with them.

Going rafting in Trentino is a safe activity because a professional guide always accompanies every trip and is there to give you theoretical advice and the necessary technical instructions before you start.

If we've piqued your curiosity, have a look at the rafting centers in the Val di Sole and contact us for further information and to book your next trip!

Where to go rafting in the Val di Sole

Where to go rafting in the Val di Sole

Published on 21/03/2024