Canyoning, emotion in motion

Find out where to go canyoning in Trentino!

Your heart may skip a beat as you slide into your wetsuit. Pull on your life jacket, secure your harness, check your ropes and carabiners, fasten your helmet and off you go on a journey of discovery of the Trentino gorges. This is canyoning, a bold sport that will take you out of your comfort zone and face to face with nature and that combines mountaineering with water sports.

No raft or board between you and the riverbed, you have to depend on just your arms and legs to get you through the narrow torturous gorges of the Trentino torrents. Swim or let yourself be transported by the current, abseil, slide or jump down into natural pools of water.

It’s not an extreme sport, it’s practiced in groups and at various difficulty levels and some routes are even suitable for children, yet it’s an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in an uncontaminated environment.

Valle di Ledro

The Palvico and Rio Nero torrents are the protagonists when it comes to canyoning in this area. Both are located in the Val d’Ampola, not far from Lake Garda. The former is ideal for beginners, easy and not too long. The latter, that descends from Tremalzo, is longer and more challenging. In both cases however, fun and thrills are guaranteed!

Valle del Chiese

Not far from the town of Storo, the charm and magic sculpted by the gushing waters of the Palvico, Rio Nero and Tignale torrents, never cease to surprise. A wild adventure through fresh crystalline waters with a series of dives and jumps, the highest of which reaches 6 metres. This is one of the best-known canyoning areas in Italy.

Val Noana - Primiero

A descent through natural pools and unexpected, and otherwise unreachable, landscapes: the gorges of the Rio Neva and the Noana torrents, in the valley of the same name that opens onto the Valle di Primiero a few kilometres from Mezzano, offer magic to those seeking adventure, fun and adrenaline along their waters.

Val di Sole

In the gorges of the Rio San Biagio, within the majestic Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, flow the ideal waters for those wishing to try canyoning for the first time. Rope descents of up to 20 metres, high beautiful waterfalls and journey of discovery. You’ll need your carabiners and harness not to mention expert guides.

Val di Breguzzo - Giudicarie

Natural pools to jump into, waterfalls and rapids, caves to be explored and other incredible adventures await along the Rio Roldone torrent, in the heart of the Val di Breguzzo (close to "Breg Adventure Park”). This route, set in a wild pristine environment, takes advantage of the safety cables and rungs along some stretches to offer a family-friendly adventure for all.


An adventure in the wild Sonra stream leads you on a discovery of ancient mines, suspended bridges, fairytale caves and gorges carved out and shaped by water. An expert guide will take you from the small village of Cornè and across the forest before descending into the Sorna riverbed, encountering “el pont del Diaol” (the Devil’s Bridge), an ancient and charming bridge where the stream plummets into a gorge thirty or so metres deep.

Dolomiti Paganella

A route along the Rio Briz experienced in the company of the alpine guides Danilo and Angelo. You’ll rappel down a rock face for about 50 metres to reach the stream, and then head off to discover the gorges. You’ll be provided with all necessary equipment and after your adventure you’ll receive a souvenir photo and traditional potato "tortel" snack.


The canyoning experience in Val Malene is an adventure you can enjoy throughout the summer, with waterfalls, smooth rocks, caves, incredible slides and crystal clear pools – all accompanied by the endless flow of the water. A thrilling experience conducted in the capable hands of expert guides.

Val di Non

An exciting adventure exploring the Castelfondo Canyon amidst the refreshing waters of the Novella stream. Under the watchful eye of an experienced guide, you'll traverse spectacular water pools, with jumps and slides suitable for the whole family!

Published on 13/03/2024