Canyoning, the thrill you definitely were not expecting

Unforgettable experiences walking through clefts and gorges in the heart of the creeks

No boats and no boards: canyoning is a sport face to face with nature, pure and raw. You can walk down narrow, winding gorges surrounded by an enchanting landscape that bears the marks of the ceaseless flow of water over time, with other incredible landscapes that open before your sight. In contact with the water, ropes and helmets, and with the feeling of not knowing what to expect, you will experience the perfect balance between safety and suspense.

A true adventure in the liquid heart of the gorges of Trentino.

An important reminder: this is not an extreme sport. It is practised in groups at different levels, at times it can also be practised by children and young people, and it can prove to be an unforgettable experience in wild places.

Valle di Ledro

Palvico and Rio Nero, the major canyoning creeks in this area, are both located in Val d'Ampola. One is for beginners and the other for experts. In both cases, pure adrenaline and entertainment are guaranteed.

Val Noana - Primiero

Natural pools, descents on a discovery of amazing landscapes and unexpected and otherwise unattainable glimpses. Val Noana reserves magic moments to those who have a thirst for adventure, fun and adrenaline down the waters of its creek.

Valle del Chiese

The charm and magic of movement created by the waters of the Palvico, a creek that always reserves big surprises. A wild adventure in crystal-clear and fresh waters between slides, dives and big leaps.

Val di Sole

Belaying points up to twenty metres along falls of rare beauty. Carabiners, harnesses and experienced guides to discover places where only water has access by nature.

Lago di Garda

Around the lake looking for adventure, coolness and suspense, taking advantage of the equipped facilities in the area. Natural pools you can dive into, waterfalls and streams to cross, undiscovered caves for incredible adventures.

Val di Breguzzo

The land of Rio Roldone for you to take on with jumps and belaying in the water, enjoying its crystal-clear colours and the most hidden glimpses. You will slide along the waters’ edge firmly harnessed to a carabiner, seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills.