With its one hundred and twenty years of history, "Endrizzi" is part and parcel of the history of winegrowing in Trentino;


 indeed at the time of Franz Joseph, it was the most important grape and wine producer in the region. Today the work carries on with the same passion as then but with greater attention to detail and the quality of the wines produced.


Endrizzi Tradizione Classica
Chardonnay Trentino DOC
Pinot Grigio Trentino DOC
Nosiola Trentino DOC
Müller Thurgau Trentino DOC
Gewürztraminer Trentino DOC
Riesling Trentino DOC
Cabernet Sauvignon Trentino DOC
Teroldego Rotaliano DOC
Teroldego Rosato IGT

Endrizzi Vini Superior
particolari (barrique ecc.)
Pinot Nero IGT Pian di Castello
Teroldego Rotaliano Superiore Riserva Trentino DOC
Moscato Rosa DOC (vino da dessert rosso)
Grappa: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Teroldego, Gewürztraminer
Spumante Trento DOC Endrizzi Brut

Masetto di Endrizzi
Masetto Bianco Vigneti Dolomiti IGT Antica Cuvée
Masetto Nero Vigneti Dolomiti IGT Antica Cuvée
Masetto Dulcis Vigneti Dolomiti IGT (passito bianco da dessert)
Gran Masetto Vigneti Dolomiti. IGT