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Apples now are preserved in the rock

No traditional cells for the storage of apples, but a futuristic fridge-storage centre for these tasty fruits built at 270 meters below the ground surface

An idea of the Melinda Consortium that appeared immediately sensational. But also a winning choice. The plant located in Mollaro is in fact the world's first and only designed for the fridge-storage of fruit in a hypogean environment and in controlled atmosphere conditions. It is divided into 12 cells with a total capacity of around 10,000 tonnes.
The project has many significant benefits, including the reduction of energy consumption (and consequently a lower emission of CO2 in the atmosphere), water saving resulting from the possibility of using geothermal energy to cool the compressors, the absence of insulating panels, whose disposal generates pollution, and last but not least, the upkeep of the landscape and agricultural land.