Paolazzi Vittorio

Paolazzi Vittorio #1
Paolazzi Vittorio #1

The continuation of the poor and hard rural life, in 1962 in Faver, a small town with a splendid scenario in Valle di Cembra, gave rise to the Paolazzi Vittorio distillery. The will to preserve the Trentino and Val di Cembra traditions led to their choice of batch distillation methods to make grappas and distillates, starting from an alembic on direct fire and then evolving to steam stills capable of extracting from the grape pomace all of the aromas, fragrances and flavours it contains. These alembics are flanked by a purifying system that, by extracting impurities from the distillate, results in a rich and intense grappa which is at the same time smooth, delicate and pleasing to the palate. The distillery's location in Valle di Cembra has favoured their production of the renowned Grappa della Val di Cembra, obtained from the distillation of grape pomace coming from the grape varieties traditionally grown in the Valley, such as Schiava; and of Grappa di Muller Thurgau, obtained from the variety by the same name, that offers a special fruity and floral bouquet sustained by a hearty and persistent taste.


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Via Vich, 27
38030 Faver , Italy

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