Osteria del Pettirosso

Its close proximity to MART, the famous contemporary art museum in Rovereto, gives the "Pettirosso" (English: robin) an artistic and quite special atmosphere...  

Osteria del Pettirosso #1
Osteria del Pettirosso #1

The restaurant, qualified as EnoTavola, offers the two different types of tasting - wine and food - on two separate floors, to stress their specific character. On the ground floor, wines by the goblet, to be chosen from a long list offered by the cellar. Downstairs, dishes that favour the territory, with special attention to local production. The polenta pie with roast goose leg, the classic canederli with a robust and together delicate taste and the tortel di patate fully define the typical character of the restaurant, determining the menu style. And, for dessert, another Trentino classic: apple strudel. Need we say more? the "Pettirosso" has already introduced itself.

Contact & Directions

Corso Bettini, 24
38068 Rovereto

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