Orso Grigio

Always mentioned and recommended on the most prestigious culinary publications, the "Orso Grigio" restaurant stands out for hospitality, professionalism and setting.

Orso Grigio #1
Orso Grigio #1

Deep into the most beautiful part of upper Valle di Non, the restaurant - together with the five-star hotel complete with modern wellness centre - is run with unfailing commitment and unquestionable passion and dedication by the Bertol brothers. Their cuisine is characterized by a curiosity towards experimentation and novelty, which materialize on the plate after an elaborate mixing with tradition. We cannot but mention, as best examples, the roe-deer and pistachio terrine on a cassis-flavoured blueberry cream and brioche bread, a dish in absolute harmony with the geographical context ... or the original and harmonious potato gnocchi with cress and crispy scallop medallions; to reaffirm their roots in the territory, roast suckling kid with potatoes, by now a classic always to be reinvented. Then, the unfailing cheese and, as a sweet end to the meal, the dark chocolate soufflé with vanilla cream. Well stocked cellar, of course ...

Contact & Directions

Orso Grigio
Via Regole, 10
38010 Ronzone

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