Malga Panna

A name that brings to mind good places and happy memories

Malga Panna  #1
Malga Panna #1

The restaurant ...
"A name that brings to mind good places and happy memories." This is how the malga's owners, Virgilio Donei and his family, describe it. In fact, Malga Panna is a synonym for authenticity both by name and by nature. The original malga was first used to produce fresh cream, made with milk from high Alpine pastures. Today, it is one of the best restaurants in the province and has been awarded a Michelin star. The restaurant's architecture is traditionally Alpine. Its many "stue" are still heated using a brick "musa," while the old chimney built one hundred years ago is still found in the restaurant's veranda.
The restaurateur...
The owners - that is, various members of Virgilio Donei's family - are renowned for their cordiality and professional approach. They are a tight-knit group that is always at the forefront in terms of renewing their recipes and providing increasingly high levels of hospitality. The Donei started welcoming their guests here in the ‘50s. Today, their children have taken over the restaurant, with Massimo in the dining room, and Paolo as chef and staff manager. Together, they have designed their menu to reinterpret traditional Trentino and Ladin dishes.


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Strada de Sort, 64
38035 Moena , Italy

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