Locanda Mezzosoldo

A magical location, with surroundings that fully exalt its gastronomic delicacies, complete with muted lights and atmospheres, signs and symbols, and unusual fabrics and colours

Locanda Mezzosoldo  #1
Locanda Mezzosoldo #1
Locanda Mezzosoldo  #2
Locanda Mezzosoldo #2
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Locanda Mezzosoldo #3

The restaurant ...
The restaurant's rooms bring to mind a traditional, privately owned mitteleuropean home in the Alps. The house's large, original oven has been replaced with a fir covered stube displaying a collection of bright green enabled terracotta butter jars, popular prints with sacred subjects and a few family portraits from the 18th century. Of its walnut Luis XVI tables, one in particular stands out. It can comfortably sit sixteen diners, who can enjoy a meal on the long benches that run along the walls. A large, neoclassical Trentino heater produced by Bormioli in 1820 is found in the Biedermeir room, surrounded by Viennese fabrics. Furthermore, the restaurant's beautiful veranda and winter gardens also vie for guests' attention.
The restaurateur...
Locanda Mezzosoldo has been owned by the Lorenzi family for a century and has even been awarded a Michelin star. Rino and Eleonora are now in charge of running the restaurant, and do so with great commitment and dedication. They have skilfully combined local traditions with enthusiasm and inspiration drawn from distant cultures at their restaurant. "What we wanted to do," say the Lorenzi, "was redefine the old post office's original spaces and highlight its authentic furnishings, such as its furniture and the large, granite sink".



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via Nazionale, 198
38088 Spiazzo Rendena , Italy

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