Le Due Spade

An atmosphere of times gone by...

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Le Due Spade #1
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Le Due Spade #3
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Le Due Spade #4

The restaurant ...
"I reached Trento on the eve of the night before Santa Lucia and dismounted in front of Hotel Due Spade. The innkeeper had a good air about him. He was affable and discreet. Had he not been so fearful of his wife, he would have been better company than he is." This is a line from a document dated 1545, when Trento was at the centre of the Christian world because it was hosting the Council.
The restaurateur...
Massimiliano Peterlana has carried on the tradition of one of the oldest and most illustrious restaurants of Trento, which boasts a Michelin star as well. Chef Federico Parolari helps him in his task, serving traditional, refined dishes and rigorously homemade pasta, bread and desserts. Regulars have become familiar with the dishes they can find at lunch and dinner, and know that they can chose from a number of themed menus as well as a wide array of entrees, first and second courses. A well-stocked cheese tray is also available and is served complete with honeys and mustards. Furthermore, the restaurant also boasts prized wines.


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via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, 11
38100 Trento , Italy

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