La Rupe di Beseno

A striking, fascinating atmosphere with small, intimate surroundings

La Rupe di Beseno

The restaurant ...
La Rupe is located near the Castle- with its striking and fascinating atmosphere - and offers its guests a small, intimate environment. The restaurant has recently been refurbished and is very warm and welcoming. It has no more than 45 covers, a private car park and a garden that can be accessed during the summer.
A private room is also available for large groups.
The restaurateur...
Massimo Curzel and Marco Facchinelli are partners. Above all however, they are friends. Young and full of enthusiasm, they took over the restaurant in 2003, each throwing themselves into the job they had studied to do. In fact, Massimo is a chef and was previously employed by La Rupe. Marco belongs to a family of restaurateurs from Rovereto and is skilled at managing clients. The restaurant boasts delicious entrees and excellent meats, although Massimo's specialties are his pastas. The menu follows the seasonal changes of the year, but his "Terldego and Trentino Lucanica sausage" penne are a fixture.

Contact & Directions

via Castel Beseno, 6
38060 Besenello , Italy

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Mar 04
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