La Berlocca

The restaurant's kitchen is a merry and colourful marriage of traditions with different roots.

La Berlocca #1
La Berlocca #1

Solid Emilian and Ligurian origins, together with the Trentino territory, provide a very special starting point from which to invent and experiment with dishes that acquire an important gastronomic value in each menu. The use of Valle di Fiemme local products enriches the dishes exponentially, characterizing them as traditional. Witty and all to be enjoyed is the strudel with luganega (sausage) and potatoes on a wild berry salad and the pear caroncie - a sort of big ravioli - with flavoured melted butter. A heartily felt tradition is behind the tripe stew, now a classic. At dessert time, a wide and rich choice dictated by imagination. Trentino wines will generously wash down the lot.

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La Berlocca
Via Venezia, 10/A
38037 Predazzo

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