Hotel Gran Mugon

Original cuisine with some tasty revisitations of traditional dishes, in Vigo di Fassa.

Hotel Gran Mugon #1
Hotel Gran Mugon #1

The small dining room - an integral part of the hotel - displays a modern look with linear and essential furnishings. In perfect harmony with the setting and a forever warm hospitality, the kitchen offers fresh, new and fancy dishes, made even richer by a commitment to use typically local products. The menus draw on tradition, reinterpreted with taste and imagination but without overdoing; bold meat dishes - like the truffled red-legged partridge with potato and bilberry fondant - are offered alongside fancy sea dishes like the sandwich with crispy scallops, celery and peach. Definitely unusual are the first courses... certainly to be mentioned the rabbit-stuffed ravioli with nettles and saffron. Excellent choice of desserts and wines.

Contact & Directions

Hotel Gran Mugon L Chimpl
Località Tamion, 3
38039 Vigo di Fassa

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