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Located in one of Trentino's most romantic landscapes, between Lake Garda and the Dolomite range, and surrounded by beautiful vineyards and ancient castles, just a few kilometres from Trento (20 km) and from Riva del Garda (17 km), the Cantina F.lli Pisoni Distillery is one of Trentino's most ancient.
Solely family run, the art and love for the cultivation of vineyards and for the production of wine and grappa has been handed down from father to son and refined through the S. Michele all'Adige agrarian school of oenology and vine growing, attended by the young Pisoni's since its establishment (1874).
The grappas produced in the modern distillery derive from Trentino's noblest grape varieties. The grape pomaces are distilled, extremely fresh, in copper bain-marie stills according to the Tullio Zadra method.
The company was one of the first of the region to comprehend Trentino's vocated production of Spumante Metodo Classico. Aging in the bottle, for over 3 years, occurs in a charming grotto excavated into the mountain, where room temperature hovers in the range of 10 to 12°C the whole year round.




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Via San Siro, 7/a
38070 Pergolese , Italy

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