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When the sun in the morning descends the slopes of the Brenta and slowly passes the gorge of the Noce and reaches Toss, it projects on the copper casks the light of the history of Thun Castle, and brings back to mind the image of Cesare Fedrizzi who in the early 20th century, when Austria reigned over the valley, received a permit given to those who readily paid taxes and were proven workers and realized his dream of selling Bacchus' most ambitious fruit.
This is also the story of the beginnings of his grandson Elio, who after a long apprenticeship achieved his own dream, at the beginning of the 1970's, of a modern distillery which, even if of size in step with the preservation of a traditional, batch bain-marie distillation method that has never been abandoned, not even when today's modern industrial methods impose an industrial and continuous distillation model of stills.
Today Distilleria Fedrizzi, through the dedication of Stefano - assisted still by his father Elio and his mother Agnese - in keeping with the heritage of tradition, is one of a hundred or so distilleries in Italy that continues to produce its original grappa by bain-marie. The result is the heart of a method that, although assisted by modern technology, maintains the fragrance of its history in its unmistakable taste.


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