Cesarini Sforza Spumanti

Cesarini Sforza Spumanti #1
Cesarini Sforza Spumanti #1

Noble wines often have noble origins. About two centuries ago the Cesarini Sforza moved to the Episcopal Principality of Trento of the time to govern the city. Drawing on these noble origins, since 1974 the winery has been using selected grapes to produce its high quality sparkling wines.
The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are grown between an altitude of 350 and 650 metres in the best locations and conditions to obtain products of top quality. Everything celebrates the three principles practised by the Cesarini Sforza: quality, image and culture.

TRENTODOC is not only a trademark, it is a complete project to present the land at its best. A wine not only for important occasions, but also to enjoy and appreciate at any time.

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Via Sella, 9
38040 Trento , Italy

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Max Temp. (C): 25°
Temp. Min. (C): 12°
May 30
Max Temp. (C): 21°
Temp. Min. (C): 14°
May 31
Max Temp. (C): 17°
Temp. Min. (C): 12°
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